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A home’s interior with wooden floors and white walls

How to Make a Good First Impression When Selling Your House

When you’re planning to put up your house for sale, one of the first things you might think about is how to make an impact on potential homebuyers. Making a good first impression on buyers is essential.

Psychologists reveal that we can make up our minds about something in the first fifteen seconds of seeing it. This is why ensuring that your house has all the right details and value-enhancing features that can look appealing to buyers is important.

There are many ways to make a first good impression on homebuyers. You can start with something small like a fresh coat of paint or make major renovations like gate installation.

We talked to our construction specialists and rounded up some of the best ways to give your home an instant makeover.

Generate Visual Interest with Curb Appeal

An outdoor space with yellow flowers

One of the best ways to keep your biggest asset well-kept and refreshed is by enhancing curb appeal. Having a stunning outdoor space will appeal to prospective homebuyers when they’re first driving up to the property.

There is a handful of winning strategies that can boost your curb appeal.

First thing first, start with landscaping. You can plant a garden and add potted seasonal flowers like celosia, cosmos, French lilacs, and bougainvillea. If you’re unsure about where to start, you can always hire a professional landscaper for personalized recommendations.

You can also consider adding a petite pergola, mazes, or even a small lily pond. Plant Annabelle hydrangeas, English boxwoods, or Tuscan umbrella pines around these structures, and you will soon have a stunning outdoor space that sparks joy.

Unfortunately, gardening prices are increasing in the US, and maintaining a garden can be expensive. This is why we recommend opting for artificial turf.

Artificial turf is a cost-effective landscaping solution that requires zero maintenance compared to a garden. It can add a lot of visual dynamism to your outdoor space because it appears lush and fresh.

You can also consider adding firepits, stunning garden gates, brand new garage doors, and upgraded home siding windows to your outdoor space. You can make a huge impact with strikingly bold garden gates, providing more accessibility to your home.

Outdoor fireplaces with a stone veneer finish can make your outdoors look cozier and inviting and are one of the best ways to amplify your property’s value.

Paint Your Outdoor Space

A hand painting a wall with a paint roller.A hand painting a wall with a paint roller.

Making home renovations to boost property value doesn’t mean you have to spend a thousand dollars on a huge project. You can easily make a huge difference with just a fresh coat of paint.

Consider painting your home with tried and true neutrals like warm gray, ivory, light pastels, or a velvety beige. Neutral pigments are a foolproof way to make your space appear more inviting.

You can also balance these subtle tones with bright power pigments like petrol blue, onyx pink, lemon yellow, and regal purples. There’s a newfound appetite for punchy hues and an array of greens and browns.

Curate a color palette that feels refreshing and soothing at the same time. Don’t hesitate to experiment with moody tones, patterns, and textures. Stucco wall treatments are also making a comeback because textured walls look modern and organic.

Breathe life into your home with a pop of color and textured stucco walls. Opt for citrusy or opulent hues that will fill your home with lively energy and exuberance.

Fill Your Home with Natural Light

 A room’s interior with wooden floors and furnishings.

Nothing feels more refreshing and soothing than abundant natural light flowing into one’s home. Radiant natural light can look elegant, especially in juxtaposition with high-shine glass windows and wooden accents.

Bathe your home with natural light by installing an extra set of windows or glass sliding doors. You can also get floor-to-ceiling steel doors or windows that will add great depth and dimension to your living space. With all this maximized space and light, you can craft a cozy Zen corner in your room by adding some potted plants near the windows that will add new life to your space.

Another way to make your space appear brighter is by painting it in light colors. Install some transoms or side lights, and paint your walls a creamy white, gray, or a subtle shade of blue.

Bathing your home with a flow of light will help feel any prospective homebuyers right at home.

Revamp Your Kitchen Space

The secret to boosting your property’s value is making upgrades in the kitchen space. Not only will this impress potential homebuyers, but it will also significantly boost your home’s resale value.

If you’re planning a quick remodel, try painting the kitchen walls to give it an instant facelift. You can place bright-toned accents to lighten up the kitchen space and add a blend of your favorite tchotchkes and accessories to inject personality.

Add more color to your modern kitchen space by updating the cabinetry. You can paint it in jewel tones like emerald, cherry red, or lacquered green. You can also consider creating a stunning backsplash with colorful majolica tiles and strategically implementing gold schemes around the space.

Invest in New Light Fixtures

Well-lit interiors are non-negotiable. You can add a lot of value to your home by investing in brand-new light fixtures and creating focal points in your living space. If you have a limited budget, you can always get a single high-end light fixture that can make all the difference. Premium-quality light fixtures can be very impactful when making an impression on homebuyers.

Consider giving your home some much-needed TLC by splurging on petite chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, or pendant lights. You can even add an eclectic mix of ancient or contemporary art and craft a space that is sophisticated and modern at the same time.

Adding Trendy Touches to Your Bathroom Space

Bathrooms, being one of the busiest rooms in any house, significantly contribute to a property’s value.

You can generate visual interest in your bathroom spaces by making minor repairs, getting a new wallpaper, and adding scene-stealing accessories.

If you’re not worried about the budget, we recommend adding another bathroom to your home. An additional bathroom can be a major selling point of any property. You can let your creative juices flow and add vibrant-colored accents, statement-making tiles, and ornate brass mirrors. Add a luxurious tub, walk-in showers, moisture-loving plants, and space-efficient sinks.

Cosmetic Redecoration

Look at your house from the eyes of a potential buyer. You might notice tiny cracks and scruffs that you usually ignore. There could be peeling wallpaper, a creaky step on the staircase, chipped paint, leaky taps, etc. These things might appear small but can affect first impressions.

Fix any cracks in your walls with concrete caulk, liquid filler, and a patching compound. You can use appropriate paint to hide these repaired surfaces.

You can always get in touch with our construction specialists, who can provide you with tailored suggestions to make small improvements around your house for a polished upgrade.

Focus on Improving Energy-Efficiency

According to several reports, improving energy efficiency can boost your property’s value and will have a positive impact on any homebuyers.

You can opt to install energy-efficient appliances like solar panels and bulbs and replace halogen lamps with LED lights. Invest in thermal break aluminum windows, weather stripping, and double or triple glass glazing. This will help minimize energy emissions and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Set Up a Home Office

A home office with indoor plants.

Now that most people prefer working from home, it’s good to have a dedicated space where one can eschew all distractions and just work. Having a home office is a much better option than settling for an improvised set-up on the kitchen table, which can only lead to ergonomic strife.

Homebuyers will love an organized home office with bright-colored walls, maximized space, large windows, and enticing wallpaper. You can create a chic seating area, add a vintage writing desk, indulge in velvet textiles, and install strikingly bold light fixtures to add a touch of elegance.

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