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Maintaining the aesthetics of a building requires maintenance and care. One part of it is plastering your house with stucco. This ultimate exterior finish is known for its durability and low maintenance. We offer stucco repair services to residential and commercial clients in Phoenix, Mesa and surrounding areas to make sure that the exterior of their buildings looks as ravishing as the interior.

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Why Choose Us for Stucco Plastering?

Our company was established on the principle of providing each and every customer with reliable masonry services including stucco repair services. From setting a budget to installing stucco walls, our technicians take care of every single step on your stucco project.

Benefits of Stucco Exterior

Stucco, the decorative coating for walls and ceilings, can change the entire look of your house. And, it’s also important to work on the exterior of your building as it is what makes a lasting impression on guests.

  • With a lifespan of 50 to 75 years, stucco is considered one of the most durable exterior wall coverings that stays rigid, even in strong winds. The material is resistant to fire, rot, mold, and termite infestation. Depending on the weather conditions, you can expect stucco to last even for 100 years
  • Stucco is a cement, crushed marble, sand, and water mixture that, when combined together, produces a heavy-duty substance that insulates your home and helps you save money on energy bills. It protects your home in the form of a plaster that ensures that your house is better protected from changing weather conditions and temperatures.With stucco covering, you can expect to save 20% on heating and cooling costs
  • Unlike other materials, stucco doesn’t need to be regularly repainted and reinstalled. Want to save money in regards to home improvements? Coating your house with stucco can help. Whether it’s harsh winds, snow, or rain, you can expect stucco to last for decades without sustaining any damages

Along with being wind-resistant, both traditional and synthetic stucco receives high points for resisting fires. As stucco is produced with cement and sand, it claims to completely resist fire and regularly achieves a one-hour fire rating.

a stone pavement

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Apart from giving buildings an aesthetically pleasing look, stucco protects properties from mold, fire, sound, rot, wind, and fire. From big to small and complex to simple, our stucco contractors can take care of all the stucco projects. When you decide to work with us regarding a stucco and plastering project, you will be ensured to see results that last for decades.

To receive a quote, select “stucco” from the drop-down menu, share the project details and leave your contact details. From start to finish, you’ll find our technicians guiding you throughout the process and taking the aesthetics of your property up by a notch.