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From block wall installation to paver installation services, CF VICE Construction offers first-rate masonry services to both commercial and residential clients in Peoria and Surrounding Areas.

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CF VICE Construction

With 10 years of experience within the industry, our expert team of block fence contractors at CF VICE Construction in Peoria offers masonry construction of any size or difficulty. From small repairs to large-scale projects, our team has the knowledge and experience of turning your house or office into a high-commercialized place.

We provide ourselves as one of the most reliable masonry services providers in Peoria and Surrounding Areas. To make sure that whatever we build has a strong foundation, we carefully plan all the masonry works. We use top-of-the-line materials and hire builders with extensive experience to ensure that our builds are as strong as steel.

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We, as a masonry company of bricklayers and stone veneer experts, are always there for works related to stucco, brick, and stone. We offer a hands-on approach and have the experience and skill to take on any job. Our Peoria masonry services include small patch-up works, installations, construction, demolition, and maintenance works.

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Block Wall Construction

CF VICE Construction's block wall installation services offer an attractive and robust method for securing the house from extreme weather conditions like floods and high heat. Our team will give your house or office a sturdy block wall foundation so that you are not only able to keep debris and water away from your building but also are also able to make your house look appealing.
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Block Wall Repair

At CF VICE Construction, we repair all manners of block walls. As long as the block wall is made up of concrete, our team assures to repair it. Our team carries experienced and skilled block wall repair contractors who can turn your cracked, broken, damaged wall back to its original condition. If you are looking for economical and eco-friendly block repair services in Peoria and Surrounding Areas, CF VICE Construction's experts are just a call away. Get your block wall repaired by us so that and go back to feeling safe in your house.
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Paver Installation

Want to set your property apart from the rest? Consider paver installation services in Peoria and Surrounding Areas to add a dash of charm to your property. We offer customizable paver design and installation services to give the perfect outdoor space to our clients’ commercial and residential buildings. Whether you are looking for a new paver driveway, pathway, or patio, our team is here to give you the backyard and outdoor space of your dreams.
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Mail Boxes

We offer our clients to choose between stucco mailbox, brick mailbox,  stone mailbox, or even a combination of these materials. Our team is here to install address block, separate and numbered individual blocks, or a numbered sign to provide direction to your property. Whether your mailbox has collapsed or you are looking forward to getting one installed at your new house, CF VICE Construction is here to offer you mailbox installation services in Peoria and Surrounding Areas.
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From standing up to wind, weather, and debris to helping you save money on energy bills and providing your house the exterior of your dream, CF VICE Construction's stucco services can do much more than making your property stand out.
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Artificial Turf

Looking for economical, high-quality, and reliable artificial turfing services in Peoria and Surrounding Areas? Our team is here at all times to install grass in your backyard that looks and feels more natural than any other artificial grass. If you hate the hassle of mowing the lawn and maintaining a healthy lawn, the low-maintenance artificial turf our experts will install in your outdoor space will be perfect for you. Our team is here to fulfil your dream of having a play area and roof garden.
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Putting Green

Go with something entirely different and transform your outdoor space with our putting green installation services in Peoria and Surrounding Areas. We offer premium putting green services to allow both professional and amateur golfer to practice their putting techniques. Our team works have the knowledge and skill of creating a golfer’s paradise in your backyard. We install synthetic putting greens in both indoor and outdoor spaces to help you improve your short game and stay sharp.
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Whether you want to get a gate installed or repaired, the team of CF VICE Construction is always here to cater to your needs. The reason behind us being one of the most trusted names in the gate installation and repair industry is that we don’t cut corners and offer timely and effective services. From sliding doors to electric and automatic doors, our expert team can install and repair all types of gates.
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The thermal mass of concrete masonry walls insulates against outside temperatures, reducing your indoor heating and cooling costs. Avail of concrete construction services by our masonry experts on your property to protect your building from extreme weather conditions. We use the right material and technique to minimize the application time and ensure longevity of the building.

We have a large team of skilled and extensive workers who are there at all times to offer a wide range of masonry services in Peoria and Surrounding Areas.

Below is the list of additional services that our knowledgeable and trusted team offers:

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We are here to answer any questions or queries you might have. Booking masonry services offered by CF VICE Construction is extremely easy in Peoria AZ. All you have to do is choose the masonry service you need, enter your phone number, email, and address, and attach a picture of what you want us to repair or build. Email us to find out how we can preserve your future and transform your home into something better.

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"I just want to acknowledge what an incredible week we have had with CF VICE Construction. We wanted to get a few repairs along with a paver patio installed in our backyard. Not only did their team quickly arrive at the location, but they were also able to build exactly what I had in mind. I appreciate the fact that they kept me in the loop and did a quick yet thorough job."

Chris Walker

"We contacted CF VICE Construction for Block Wall Repairing. Their team was always ready to go the extra mile. If you are looking for quality, competence, value for money, and punctuality, they are, no doubt, one of the best ones out there. They were tidy with their work and turned up when they promised to. They informed us about the reason behind the cracks and also kept us informed about the procedure. From the reasonable quotation to the quality of work done, everything was excellent."

John Henry

"We wanted to get a gate installed in our new house and decided to go with CF VICE Construction. To our surprise, their team arrived before the scheduled time and did a thorough, quick, and effective job. We appreciate that they informed us about the benefits of getting an electric gate installed. We followed their advice and were left extremely satisfied."

Jennifer Brick