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Affordable Block Wall Repair in Sun City AZ

The most beneficial feature of block wall repair is its low cost of maintenance. While CMU block walls can last for years, it’s common to notice a few cracks or holes from time to time. Our Sun City block wall repair and restoration services can help you maintain the original structure of the concrete masonry unit walls.

At CF VICE Construction, all your small and complex block wall repair needs are taken care of. Our block wall repair contractors in Sun City can help you maintain the original integrity to conserve the value and appearance of the building.

Types of CMU Block Wall Damages You May See

CMU block walls can suffer cracking, crazing, blistering, delamination, dusting, curling, efflorescence, scaling, and spalling over time. Severe weather conditions, poor installation, age, and construction defects are the most common reasons for CMU Block damages.

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In many cases, moisture penetration, structural stress, freezing, and thawing over a long period can also result in block wall damages like spalling. Sometimes, the loss of adhesion between bricks and stones also causes bulging or peeling, hollow patches.

Structural damages can also be caused due to design and detailing. In such a case, the masonry repair company has to review the design in detail and check if remedial measures were taken while constructing the wall.

Moisture prevention is also an extreme threat to retaining and blocking walls. When water leaks into a brick or stone, the wall freezes, putting pressure on the entire structure. The only way to avoid this damage is to ensure moisture control.

Sometimes, repairing the CMU block wall is not possible. In such a case, a Sun City block wall repair and construction company will replace the defective blocks or rebuild the wall to ensure that your house stays cool in hotter months and retains heat in cold weather.

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Why Hire an Experienced Masonry Company IN Sun City?

An experienced masonry company or professional masonry service provider follows industry-accepted practices to repair the damages and avoid cracking and spalling and preclude efflorescence while reconstructing the wall. While constructing a new CMU block wall, experienced and reliable masonry companies take necessary steps to prevent masonry damages in the future.

CF VICE Construction’s technicians replace or renovate blocks and fill the cracks to ensure that the CMU block walls continue to offer fire protection and high resistance against rotting, pests, weather, and natural disasters such as floods and tornadoes.

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Schedule a Block
Wall Repair Today IN Sun City

Regardless of the severity of cracks and holes, it’s important to call a masonry repair company if you suspect block wall damages because if left unchecked or unrepaired, the damages can further disintegrate the concrete structure.

To have our technician offer you a quote, select the masonry service you need from the services list, attach a picture, and leave your email address or phone number.