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Why You Should Use Plaster and Stucco For Sustainable Building Finishing

Stucco and plasters have been popular choices for sustainable construction services for thousands of years. Not only because they look good but also because there are several benefits to using stucco and plaster on walls as opposed to painting them. Let’s find out why you should consider getting plaster and stucco for sustainable building finishing.

What Are Stucco and Plaster Finishing?


Plaster is made of gypsum, cement, and sand, whereas stucco is made from Portland cement, lime, and sand. These two building elements are powders that create a paste when combined with water. Both contain an aggregation, like sand, and require water to react with the ingredients so that they can set.

Plaster may be used both inside and outside of buildings; however, most people often think of it as a wall covering the interior. While stucco is best for exterior walls due to its rough texture, plaster has a smoother texture.

Benefits of Stucco and Plaster for Building Finishing

Moisture Control


Stucco and plaster are the finest at managing and controlling moisture, which is possibly one of their greatest advantages. Porous walls protect the air quality in your house. They also readily absorb pigments, allowing you a variety of color options.

Both are resistant to fire and sound absorption, making for a quieter house. If there is a drawback to plaster or stucco, it is that qualified specialists should be hired since it might be challenging to apply it correctly, which makes it frequently costlier than other finishes because of the efforts and skills necessary for proper application.

Non-Toxic Materials


Plaster doesn’t have any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or other harmful substances as most paints do. Organic pigments are typically added to plaster and stucco to give them color.



Plaster that has been carefully prepared and laid is more robust and long-lasting than drywall. Additionally, they are also resistant to dents and knocks.

Soundproofing, Fire Resistance, And Insulation


Compared to drywall, inside plaster and outside stucco is more insulating, fireproof, and soundproof. It doesn’t often harbor mildew or mold due to its breathability.

Better Style and Aesthetics


If you haven’t really been inside a house with stucco or plaster walls, it might be challenging to explain how lovely plaster “feels.” When touching the wall, it feels colder, sturdier, and harder than drywall. As many people appreciate the talent required in fine stucco and plasterwork, it is visually pleasant in many ways and increases the market value of your property. Moreover, you can ask for different stucco finishes using the texture of your choice to give your house a stunning, flawless appearance.

Get Stucco Repairing and Plastering Services from Us


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Stucco services from CF VICE Construction can do much more than just make your property stand out. They may also help you with energy efficiency and give your home the façade of your dreams!

We also offer services to best meet your property construction or renovation demands. Some of our services include block wall fence installation and repair, putting green installation, commercial painting, and more!

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