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When Should I Replace My Mailbox?

Your mailbox is the vessel that helps you get that shirt you ordered online, business correspondences, wedding invitations, and birthday cards from loved ones. It stores all of these important things in a clean space, safeguarding them from outside elements.

So, whether your mailbox is barely functioning or is simply outdated, you might want to consider buying a new one before it’s completely out of service.

Here, we highlight when you should go for a mailbox installation service in Glendale:

You have a damaged mailbox

If your residential mailbox is damaged, dented, or rusting, you should replace your mailbox immediately as it’s typically the first impression that every passerby or guest has of your home. By serving as a better match to your home’s architecture, your new mailbox can also provide a stunning greeting to visitors and passersby.

Your mailbox isn’t secure

If you own an old mailbox, especially one that isn’t equipped with the right security features that are included in today’s mailboxes, it’s time to replace it. Regardless of where you live, the rise of identity and mail theft has increased by leaps and bounds. Even if your mailbox is visibly alright, you must replace it if it doesn’t have the right security features.

Your mailbox is broken

If your mailbox is riddled with mechanical failures like a flag doesn’t stay upright or a door that has jagged edges or doesn’t securely close, you must replace it. These issues will cause you daily inconveniences, and even the local postmaster might ask you to address the mechanical failures to improve your mail delivery.

a  woman waiting for a mailbox installation service in Glendale to replace her mailbox

In addition, mechanical failures may deteriorate the weather protection mechanism of your mailbox. Thus, you must replace your mailbox to ensure your mail is safely delivered and retrieved.

Your mailbox is a roadside hazard

Replace your mailbox immediately if it presents a potential liability issue for your property. For example, your mailbox, which projects into the sidewalk, can injure a bicyclist or a passerby; or if you have a wall mount mailbox, it may fall onto someone. These issues may lead to a costly lawsuit. Fortunately, the expense of replacing your mailbox is drastically lower than the cost of employing an attorney, or worse, paying out a judgment on a lawsuit.

CF Vice Construction offers high-quality mailbox installation services in Glendale

Whether it’s a steel mailbox or a plastic one, the technicians at CF Vice Construction will ensure they properly install the mailbox to increase its longevity. From running site surveys to choosing the best mailbox, our mailbox installation services provider in Glendale does everything.

Get in touch with our service providers in Glendale for more information!

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