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What to Know About Adding a New Gate to Your Home

Every homeowner knows that when it comes to making a good impression, you only get one attempt. Your gate is one of the first things that people come across which sparks their imagination, making them wonder about the property beyond it.

This is why it’s important to have a gate that doesn’t only keep your property safe but one that has a striking style that can add a subtle cool factor to your home. A well-crafted gate in your home can grant your house an undeniable chicness and leave a lasting impression on all of your guests. Apart from that, gates can also boost your property’s resale value since they enhance curb appeal. Residential gates can significantly improve your building’s value and is a worthwhile investment with a promising return.

So ready to get a new and high-gloss gate for your home? Here is everything you need to know about gate installation in your home.

Getting Started

When you’re going shopping for gates, there are a few things you should consider first. A gate should be accessible, easy to use, and welcoming. They can be installed in the entryway of your home, in the street in front of your yard, or in the back alley, where you can also connect with your neighbors.

You will be provided with numerous options with different styles, sizes, and colors, and you can even consider customizing a gate that is best suited to your home’s design.

Gate Sizes

A gate size can range from three feet high to eight feet high or even more. Many gates come with a standard width of three feet which enables plenty of people to pass through, in addition to vehicles, landscaping equipment like lawn mowers and wheelbarrows, etc.

For larger vehicles and pieces of equipment, many homeowners like to invest in a double-wide gate, which is a more practical choice.

If you’re planning to get a gate that spans your driveway, we recommend setting the posts of supports a foot away from the driveway on each side to have a more open and gracious entry. This will prevent your car or any other vehicle from accidentally scraping the posts.

Gate Width

One important factor to weigh in is the width of your gate. Think about the width of all the things that regularly pass through your gates like vehicles, landscaping equipment, bins, etc.

If you drive a full SUV or a pickup truck, you will require a wider area to turn and pass through the gate. Try to find the width that perfectly fits your budget. The wider your gates are, the more you’ll end up paying for materials and maintenance.

Smaller gates require less maintenance and are much less costly as well. If you do occasionally have recreational vehicles passing through your gate, consider installing removable sections of a fence for a larger opening. This will help you save money and reduce any upkeep expenses.

Customizing a Gate

Black metal gates and a red concrete building.

If you’re not happy with the gate options available in the market and want a gate that blends in effortlessly with its surroundings, consider customizing.

With gate customization, you will have full control over your gate’s design, size, and performance. In the last decade, gate customization has progressed by leaps and bounds and gives you full freedom to plan, design, and decorate a gate that adds interest to your home.

When customizing a gate, the first thing to consider is function.

Ask yourself this: why are you installing a gate? What kind of properties should it have? Are you just looking to enhance your curb appeal, improve security around your home, or want more privacy?

Once you determine what you want out of your gate, you’ll be better able to find out what kind of mechanical aspects you want in your gate and whether it should slide or swing open. Many homeowners in Phoenix are indulging in automatic gates that give their homes added security and easy accessibility.

When considering safety, it’s better to choose a gate that is also safe for your pets and children. There are several additional safety features you can install around your gate that will improve your home’s safety tenfold. You can also include an emergency access box, so you never have to face any hurdles with your custom gate in the time of an emergency.

The second thing you need to think about is the material. The material of the gate affects a lot of things. When choosing material, keep in mind that each material requires a specific kind of maintenance.

The most commonly utilized materials to craft large gates are aluminum, PVC, wrought iron, steel, and cast iron. Wood isn’t recommended since it can increase in weight due to water and is generally very heavy. Steel doors are durable and super dependable and worth the extra cost.

Choosing the Right Gate Materials

When it comes to gate materials, wood and metal are the top choices. Vinyl is also another popular material used to build fences since they are low maintenance, rust-free, and durable. But many homeowners who are looking to invite an eclectic feel to their outdoors like to indulge in high-impact gates made out of bamboo and glass.

Wooden Gates

Wooden doors with golden hardware.

Wood has always been one of the most popular gate building materials since it is inexpensive and looks absolutely stunning no matter where it is installed.

Wooden gates are sturdy, easy to install, and extremely versatile. Many technicians like to utilize softwood like cedar and redwood pine when crafting wooden gates. Timber gates are also quite popular because they are robust and can improve security in your home. Southern pine and spruce are also durable but might require extra treatment before they can be installed.

Wooden gates can be painted or stained whenever your home requires a bit of sprucing up, and these treatments will also protect your gate from any UV or water damage.

Wooden gates require regular maintenance like sanding, sealing, re-staining, and fresh coats of paint. These gates will expand and shrink with time, and you may have to invest in new individual pieces to replace warped, bent, or broken gates.

A black metal gate.

Composite Board Gates

Wood composite gates or composite board gates are made from a mixture of wood fibers, plastic, and binding agents. This mixture of materials gives the appearance of wood, but this form of wood is not susceptible to pests or rot.

Composite board gates are perfect when you’re looking for robust and reliable doors. These doors mimic the natural texture and tactile beauty of wood but do not require extensive maintenance or additional treatments to keep them free from termites or warping.

Composite board gates are a little more expensive but are more durable than natural wooden gates.

Vinyl Gates

If you want to invest in a dependable and long-lasting gate, we recommend getting a vinyl gate. Vinyl is costlier than wood but is much more durable. Vinyl gates are the perfect choice if you live in a warm and damp climate. These doors do not bend or warm and aren’t vulnerable to pest infestations or rot.

Traditionally, vinyl has a more limited color palette, but in recent years many different color options are becoming available. Vinyl gates are also very low maintenance. They don’t require frequent coats of paint or any other chemicals to deter pests or retain their glossy appearance.

These doors are very easy to clean, and any mildew or moss growth can be swiped with a washcloth and a diluted dish soap mixture. Vinyl gates are also resistant to any rust or rot. One of the best features of vinyl gates is their sustainability. Many contractors and technicians prefer working with sustainable construction materials, and vinyl is usually their top choice since it is completely recyclable.

Metal Gates

A black metal gate opening into a garden.

Even though metal gates are a little on the costly side, they are a worthy investment. Metal gates are usually made with aluminum, steel, and wrought iron. These doors can significantly boost your property’s resale value and are a stunning addition to any contemporary building.

Steel and wrought iron gates are the best barriers for any property that requires extra protection and do not fade over time. They can easily handle any adverse weather conditions because they are very resilient. If your gate does develop rust after some time, you can always sand it and repaint it, and it will be just as good as new!

Choosing a Gate Style that Makes a Sophisticated Statement

When selecting a gate style, functionality is key. You need to opt for a gate that meets all of your specific needs and requirements. Don’t choose something so complicated that you lock yourself out. Find something that is sturdy, secure, and also allows accessibility.

Choosing a gate style is probably the most exciting part of the entire gate installation process. You need to find a gate style that perfectly complements your landscape design and your home’s architectural elements.

If you want your property to exude a vintage, quaint, and rustic appeal, wooden doors with an adjoining fence will look artsy and elegant. If you’re interested in infusing your home entrance with invigorating energy, a contemporary gate with vertical metal louvers will mesh perfectly with your refined aesthetic.

To create a focal point in your outdoor space, an Asian or Mediterranean-inspired gate will look exotic and broadcast unparalleled chic. You can even create stone archways and walls around your gate for a unique and cohesive look.

There are thousands of designs to choose from, ranging from arched or scalloped tops, latticework and grid patterns, minimalistic gates with cedar panels, Ipe wood, and steel gates to gates with a blend of glass and wrought iron.

Finishing Touches to Consider

Getting the right finishing touches for your gate is equally important as choosing the material. There are several hardware options and finishing touches to choose from when it comes to gates, like latches, decorative glass, paint, etc.

Any extra finishes will add to the overall security and décor of your gate. Make sure to do proper research or reach out to a trusty contractor to find out more about gate hardware options.

Check if You Require a Permit

Before you start initiating the gate installation process, ensure to get in touch with your homeowner’s association (HOA) if you have one.

Most HOAs have strict guidelines and restrictions about the types of gate width, length, and styles you can install. You must adhere to these guidelines when opting for a gate and get a permit before installation, or you could be asked to replace that gate and pay a hefty fine in the future.

When to Initiate Your Project

You can install a gate at any time of the year. But if you live in a cold-weather climate, it’s better to start this project during the warmer months because you might need to install posts or dig trenches.

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When planning a gate installation project, it’s not easy to find a reliable technician who can install a gate at reasonable rates while ensuring proper installation. This can prompt you to go down the DIY route, which can be costly and time-consuming. It’s best to get in touch with an experienced service provider who might have proper knowledge about how to handle all your complex needs and requirements.

If you’re searching for an expert contractor in Phoenix, CF VICE Construction is at your service. Our well-reputed technicians and specialists have years of experience in providing the most reliable and premium construction services in Phoenix. We have built a solid reputation due to our impeccable attention to detail and customized care. Our technicians will also provide personalized recommendations that will meet all of your unique requirements.

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