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Top 15 Value-Adding Upgrades To Invest In, Before Selling A Property In Peoria

For almost 2 years now, Arizona’s housing marketing has been booming—in fact, it’s one of the hottest markets in the country right now. And to no one’s surprise, most of these amazing statistics can be traced back to Phoenix, including one of its major suburbs, Peoria, where the housing market is known to be extremely competitive.

So, if you’ve got a property in Peoria that you plan to sell, now’s a great time. But what if we tell you there are ways to get even better prices on your house than what you’re getting right now—intriguing, right?

Well, if you want the best price possible on a property, it only makes sense to transform it into its best version. This may mean a paint stroke here, a few masonry repairs there, and of course, a whole lot of eye-catching upgrades.

Here are some of our top picks that can instantly add value to a residential property.

Invest In A Fresh Coat Of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can instantly make a property look new and clean.Of course, it’d be best to paint the property inside out, especially if it’s a residential space. Painting the exterior would help boost the curb appeal and help all the other exterior elements stand out, like doors and windows—they’d look better against a clean surface.

At the same time, painting the interior would help to make the house neater and more spacious. Potential buyers tend to gravitate toward spacious homes, so painting the home definitely helps.

Pro Tip: When painting a property, stick to a neutral color palette since everyone has their own preferences, and neutral colors are ideal to work with.  

Invest In Some Landscaping

Image Alt Text: A small house with a well-maintained front lawn

While the newly painted property would draw people’s eyes to the home’s structure, you have to keep in mind that there’s a lot else you could impress them with as they walk to your front door.

Of course, we’re talking about the front yard and the landscaping opportunities it offers.From your favorite fruit trees to flower bushes and a freshly mowed lawn, you can incorporate a lot of greenery.Additionally, we suggest you invest in some paver installations and have a pathway designed all the way to the front door or porch.You can also add some walkways and other paver structures as part of the landscaping in the rest of the yard.

Upgrade Exterior Elements

It should come as no surprise that most of the value-adding upgrades you should be investing in will be part of the home’s exterior, and they’ll help boost the curb appeal.Here are a few that you should definitely upgrade before selling:

  • Upgrade to a steel front door for a more modern look
  • Replace the windows with energy-efficient ones
  • Change exterior light fixtures, including the ones on the front porch
  • Install a new mailbox
  • Consider adding stone veneer to the home’s structure
  • Replace the garage door and other exterior doors

Knock Down Some Walls

A spacious interior with minimal design elements

Of course, the exterior may attract people during an open house, but it is the interior that’ll convince them to put forward an offer worth considering.

For starters, you have to make the home spacious.This doesn’t necessarily mean adding more square feet, but it does mean creating a more open floor plan by getting rid of some interior walls and other obstacles.

A lot of interior walls are ones your spaces can do without.For example, you don’t need the wall between the living room and dining area—knock it down.But we have to mention here that this isn’t a DIY idea.You need to have professional contractors on board for this sort of upgrade.

Make The Home Brighter And Airy

Speaking of creating illusions of space, we have another trick that might help, and this adds value to your property in more ways than one.

Light, especially natural light, can make a space look very spacious.So, as a good rule of thumb, you have to ensure that there is at least one window in every room to let in plenty of light and fresh air.In larger rooms, there should be more windows to help light up the entire space.

Windows installed properly add monetary value to your property and make the space better aesthetically.  

Finish The Basement

A lot of basements are usually unfinished because they’re either used as storage spaces or as laundry areas and so on.However, if you’re selling the house, finishing the basement is definitely something you have to invest in—it can result in a 70% ROI since it significantly increases the livable or useable square footage of the property.

By remodeling the basement even with the simplest upgrades like drywall and flooring, masonry and stucco repairs, lighting fixtures, and fresh paint, you can instantly open a whole new world of possibilities in the buyer’s mind.The finished basement can be their home theatre, guest room, home office, and so much more.

Revamp The Kitchen

A modern but minimally designed kitchen   

Believe it or not, a kitchen can make or break a house sale.An impractical and outdated kitchen isn’t something most people would pay for.This is mostly because kitchen renovations can be costly.However, minor upgrades won’t have you breaking the bank.

Ideally, just clean up the space design-wise and make the following changes:

  • Fix and paint the cabinets
  • Install new plumbing fixtures
  • Have a kitchen island built if there isn’t one already
  • Paint the space in a light, neutral color
  • Install a large window to bring in plenty of light
  • Redo the floor
  • Extend the kitchen if possible

Update The Bathrooms

A luxurious bathroom with brand new fixtures   

Much like kitchens, bathrooms are also instant deal-breakers in home sales.They’re a necessity, and most people prefer clean, well-designed, and spacious bathrooms built in a modern style.

Just like the rest of the house, the bathroom also needs large windows for light and, more importantly, ventilation, so windows are a priority upgrade.But also invest in modern and energy-efficient bathroom fixtures if you want to impress buyers.

Add A Deck

If there’s no deck, the property needs one.It’s one of the most value-adding upgrades you can go with.Not only does it boost the home’s curb appeal, but it also increases the living area, despite costing very little.

Moreover, it adds a more personal and emotional appeal to a house, especially for families.People typically love being outdoors, especially in a place like Peoria, so you won’t have any shortage of potential buyers impressed with the additional deck.

Also, you can go with wood as the simplest option, but we suggest using a concrete patio for a better ROI and a more luxurious appeal.

Remodel The Existing Patio

A beautifully designed patio   

If there’s already an existing patio on the property, then you probably won’t need to add a deck—unless you think an extra one on the side of the home or at the back would be great.

But while most people love patios, there are many ways you can make them more attractive to potential buyers.Some simple things like masonry repairs and paver installations would do the trick.

Additionally, if it’s a bigger patio, you could add an outdoor fireplace to it—most people love those!And you can also install some modern light fixtures to make the space look luxurious.

Redesign The Garage And The Driveway

A new house with a new garage door and a spacious driveway   

If you want an old house to look decades younger almost instantly, consider installing a new garage door.This especially works for homes that have older elevations.But also, don’t just stop at the garage door, paint the space, and add some shelves so that people can use it as a tool shed as well.

Additionally, consider reconstructing the driveway.The driveway is a crucial part of the home’s curb appeal, and redesigning it can make the property stand out like nothing else.You can go with poured concrete for the driveway or interlocking pavers—either would look new and stunning.

Make The Backyard Visually Attractive

A lot of people forget the backyard almost completely when they’re remodeling a home.However, we highly suggest that you don’t follow in their footsteps.The backyard, no matter what size it is, holds immense potential, and when designed well, it can add tons of value to the home.

Depending on your budget, you can invest in a whole bunch of upgrades that’ll help you transform the backyard into a beautiful and relaxing space that most potential buyers would be willing to pay for.Here are some changes you can make:

  • Do some landscaping
  • Build a mini outdoor kitchen
  • Design some walkways and pathways
  • Invest in add-ons like bird baths, cinder block benches, etc.
  • Install artificial turf in spaces where there isn’t enough natural grass growth
Image Alt Text: A backyard with a swimming pool and seating area  

Consider Installing A Swimming Pool

You’ve probably heard that swimming pools sometimes don’t add any value to a house because not everyone uses them that much.But while this may be true for a place like Seattle, it’s definitely not true for Arizona.

Given the hot summers here, potential buyers would appreciate a swimming pool on a property.It’s a great upgrade for families with children.Also, if you don’t want to invest in a swimming pool, consider investing in a hot tub; those are great too.

A Mini-Golf Course Isn’t A Bad Idea Either

Swimming isn’t the only sport people love;statistics show that most Americans love golf, so how about building a mini-golf course to impress buyers?It doesn’t have to be too fancy or elaborate.

You can build an indoor or outdoor golf course depending on the property and the space it offers.Generally, an outdoor golf course is a better idea.You can have a putting green installed along with all other golf essentials.If you do a great job designing it, your home value could shoot up instantly!

Also, both the swimming pool and mini-golf course are great ways to turn the backyard into a retreat-like space, which is something most homeowners these days are interested in.

Keep Everything Modern But Minimalistic

Image Filename: house-modern-design

Image Alt Text: A modern house   

As a general rule of thumb, make sure you’re going with minimalistic and modern choices when investing in any value-adding upgrades.Over-the-top upgrades aren’t a good idea; they might click with some minds, but they won’t impress most of your potential buyers.

So, make sure the overall color palette is neutral and that you’re choosing styles and designs that are minimalistic enough to be adapted to different tastes other than jours.

Naturally, upgrading your property before it’s ready to be put up on the market isn’t something you can pull off alone.You need an entire team of experts you can trust and borrow ideas from.

While you’d have to employ multiple people for most of these upgrades, we suggest you start by getting masonry block wall contractors at CF VICE Construction on board. They can help you will most of the upgrades we’ve listed, including painting services, masonry and stucco repair services, mailbox installation, and artificial turf installation services. They can also help you with paver installations for the patio and your front yard.

Additionally, they offer concrete construction services as well in Peoria and surrounding areas, which you’d probably need during the remodeling process.

Give them a call to learn more and discuss this further.

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