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Things Every Homeowner Needs To Know Before Getting Artificial Grass

The average American family uses 320 gallons of water per day. 30 percent of this water consumption is dedicated to outdoor use such as watering the grass and lawn. Therefore, the putting green installation industry of artificial grass turf is witnessing a boom in the country.

This allows homeowners to save water, enjoy lush green grass without everyday mowing, and plenty of other benefits.So if you are keen to call a putting green installation service provider to lay out the artificial grass for you, you are doing the right thing.

But here’s a guide to ensure you know about the process. Read 15 things every homeowner needs to know before investing in green turf.

It’s Sustainable

Artificial grass does contain petroleum and is not biodegradable. However, even these two factors don’t make artificial grass an unsustainable choice. This is because artificial turf, unlike sod, does not need pesticides and toxic chemicals to maintain its health. It also reduces water wastage and consumption to a great extent.

Water Efficient

EPA has started to endorse artificial grass owing to its water-efficient nature. American homeowners can cut down their waste usage by 60 percent by getting rid of natural sod and lawns. If you are looking to make an environment-friendly choice, call an expert putting green service right away.


You may have heard that natural is better than synthetic. But let us tell you that that’s history. Today, with the latest technology and eco-conscious brands in the market, artificial grass is being made with eco-friendly materials. In addition, it also reduces the use of chemicals that are otherwise required to maintain natural grass.

Easy Maintenance

No more trimming, moving, and difficult cleaning. You won’t even need to call a gardening service every other day to fix your lawn ground. Artificial grass is easy to maintain, needs no water, and can be taken care of by homeowners themselves.

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Good Value for Money

You may consider the high price of artificial turf a negative factor and opt for sod instead. However, in the longer run, the cost-effective maintenance, lower water bills, and other factors will make the cost of artificial turf worth it. However, make sure you hire expert construction service to get durable turf.

Long Lasting

If maintained well and installed by a credible service provider, artificial turf can last up to 15 to 20 years. This is ideal for homeowners who seek effective and durable solutions. Make sure to discuss your artificial grass requirements with a contractor first to install the right kind of turf for you.

Pet Friendly

Are you always chasing your pets to prevent them from soiling the lawn? That won’t be a problem anymore! Artificial grass is easily washable and does not get damaged. So your pets can scratch it and it won’t make a difference to your gorgeous lawn. And in case they soil the lawn, you can easily rinse it off your turf.

Clean and Hassle-Free

Maintaining  artificial grass is surely hassle-free but do you know its other benefits? Artificial turf will always stay clean (unless there are spills and stains). Moreover, if it rains, you can fold your turf, enjoy a mud-free game in the field, and get home without getting your clothes soiled

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Numerous Materials to Choose

Artificial grass is available in a wide range of materials, including polythene and nylon. You can check with a contractor to learn about the different materials. Your contractor will be happy to guide you about the right material for your lawn needs.

Aesthetically Pleasing

We all love those lush green lawns that are picturesque and increase our home’s curb appeal. Now, you can have it too! Putting green installation in Phoenix will make your home stand out on the block. People will see your stunning lawn from afar and may not even be able to identify that it’s a fake!

Always Fresh

Maintenance of fresh and green natural grass is a hassle and sometimes impossible. During fall and winter seasons, your lawn grass will appear wilted and dull. Now, with artificial turf in your home, you will always have fresh and visually appealing grass surrounding your home.

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Increases Home Value

Homeowners are always seeking remodeling ideas that will help them increase their home’s value. Artificial grass is one such investment that has promising returns. This is especially true if you live in a dry climate where growing natural grass is almost impossible. You can benefit from this and upsell your house with a pleasant turf.

Not Just Green

Okay this might not be your slice of cake but hear this! Artificial grass doesn’t have to be always green. Now with so many materials, designs, and finishing in the market, you can choose your favorite color too. Erect a purple, blue, or pink grass now. The choices are limitless!

Great for All Climates

Previously, people preferred artificial grass only in dry and arid climates. Now, EPA endorses artificial grass as a water-efficient option, and it had become popular in wet climates too. So no matter where you are living in the US, you can now enjoy artificial turf that’s easy to maintain, cost-effective, and looks great!

Freedom and Flexibility

Unlike natural grass that can grow in limited conditions and pre-defined surfaces, artificial grass can be installed almost anywhere! You can put an artificial turf on your rooftop, in the balcony, outside the home, or in the backyard. Artificial turf offers freedom of creativity and flexibility to homeowners unlike natural grass.

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