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Summer Landscaping: 6 DIY Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard

A backyard is an extension of the house where you can relax, unwind, and plan fun activities with friends and family. You’re also at liberty to design your yard whichever way you want; from a swimming pool to a play area to an outdoor structure like a waterfall, you can have it all. Landscaping your yard is a great way to personalize your outdoor space and convert it into a welcoming oasis.

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Here are the best DIY summer landscaping ideas for your yard.

Outdoor Recreational Space

1. Create a multi-purpose yard

If you have small children at home, creating a multi-use yard is the best way to keep your yard child-friendly and safe while adding amenities that will convert it into a relaxing space for the whole family.

Your multi-purpose yard can have an alfresco dining area where the family can get together for cozy lunches and dinners and a play area for the children where they can make mud sculptures and do arts and crafts. If you have enough space, you can also install some swings in your yard. Play dates at your house with your kids’ friends from school will be a hit!

A smart storage space or a small shed can hold outdoor toys, gardening equipment, bicycles, and roller skates. Exterior flooring can provide a space for kids to ride their bikes or roller-skate inside the house. Depending on the amount of space in your yard, you can also add a swimming pool.

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2. Add a firepit

A cozy firepit can serve as the central feature of your yard, providing the perfect setting to enjoy both summer nights and chilly winter days. Congregating around your firepit will make you will like you’re camping under the star, except you’re doing it from within the comfort of your own home.

You can design your yard around the firepit; for example, you can have the outdoor dining area located right in front of the firepit, so that people can enjoy the weather outside while sharing a meal.

A Green Garden

3. Get a hammock

Designing your own yard in your dream home is a big achievement. And there’s no better way to enjoy your newly-landscaped yard than to lounge there in a hammock.

Find a spot in your yard to hang a hammock. This could be in a quiet, secluded spot surrounded by shrubs and flowing bushes, or even next to the pool if you have one. A hammock will make a great addition to your yard, giving the place a resort-like feel.

A swing can also be a good alternative to a hammock. Swings can transport us back to childhood, bringing back fond memories of youth and carefree days. Your yard should be a haven of both rest and play, so make sure it contains elements that will guarantee that it actually gets used by the people in the house. A beautiful but austere yard devoid of any fun attraction will hardly ever be used by the people who live in the house.

4. Grow a vegetable patch

If you’re into sustainability and doing something that brings you closer to nature, grow your own vegetable patch in your backyard. Growing your own vegetables can also be an activity over which you bond with your kids. You can tend to your vegetable patch together, hoeing the soil, watering the vegetables, and plucking out weeds. You’ll also get plenty of fresh, seasonal produce for your soups and summer salads.

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5. Build a greenhouse

By building your own greenhouse in your yard, you can grow your favorite plants all year round, regardless of the weather. You can control the humidity, temperature, and climate in the greenhouse, which will allow you to also plant varieties that don’t necessarily grow in your area or in your climate.

Another upside of getting a greenhouse is that plants growing in a greenhouse won’t be ravaged by pests that thrive in soil. If pests attacking your plants are a recurring problem for you, consider getting a greenhouse for your yard where all your plants can thrive without being devoured.

6. Create pretty walkways

You can use brick, concrete, or stone pavers to create charming walkways across your yard. These can lead to different locations in your yard, such as the swimming pool, the vegetable garden, the greenhouse, and the dining area. Paver walkways can add to the calm and serene look of a yard, adding a whimsical quality to the outdoor space.

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Garden Stone Pathway

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With a little landscaping, your yard can be transformed into a welcoming oasis for the entire family. If you want to landscape your yard, reach out to us at CF Vice Construction. We’re a group of masonry service providers providing landscaping services such as paver installation service in Phoenix and artificial turf installation in Phoenix.

Whether you want a retaining wall to add more space to your yard or whether you want a new paver patio installed, you can always count on our technicians to get the job done.

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