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Sturdy Stucco—Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Stucco For Your Home In Laveen

All homes need siding, not just for the aesthetics but also to strengthen the structure and protect it against harsh outdoor elements. When building a house, you’ll come across several siding options, including natural and engineered wood, vinyl, fiber cement, and so on.

While most homeowners choose vinyl siding, stucco is the second most popular choice here in the US. Stucco has been around for centuries, yet it hasn’t lost popularity due to the many benefits for home structures.

Here’s everything you need to know about stucco and stucco repairs.

What Is Stucco?

In simple terms, stucco is a cement-based substance used as a siding to create a smooth or textured finish for walls. It’s made by combining water, sand, cement, and lime. When used as a plaster for exterior walls, it’s applied in multiple layers to create a thick cover.

Besides the traditional cement, sand, and lime combination, new stucco systems are also being made now, which include insulated suppression or acrylic. Moreover, stucco is also available in different textures and colors.

Why Does Your Home Need It?

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Stucco has been used as siding for centuries now because it has numerous benefits for homes. For starters, it enhances your home’s curb appeal significantly.

But more importantly, stucco is incredibly durable, unlike most other siding options, and this is arguably its most important trait. Because ideally, if you’re using a material as a protective cover for your home’s exterior, it has to withstand harsh weather conditions, among other things. And stucco, when applied properly, can handle pretty much anything for 100 years.

Also, stucco is fairly versatile because of its customization options, so you can usually make it work for all kinds of home designs and styles. Also, it’s fire resistance, which is a very appealing advantage!

How Do You Take Care of Stucco?

Generally, because stucco is such a sturdy siding, it requires very little maintenance. Here are a couple of tips you can keep in mind, though:

  • If you see any visible dirt that needs to be cleaned, use a hose with mild pressure.
  • Ensure the gutters are working properly; otherwise, they’d leak water and damage the stucco.
  • Paint the stucco to refresh its color; it does fade over time.
  • Keep nearby trees trimmed to keep them away from the stucco.
  • Install drip irrigation systems and avoid spraying any water on the siding.
  • Conduct annual inspections to see any cracks in the stucco and repair them before things get worse.

What To Do If Stucco Repairs Are Required?

If you do discover cracks or holes in the stucco, they need to be repaired before water can infiltrate and ruin the stucco finish. But a lot of homeowners make the mistake of making stucco repairs a DIY project.

It’s important to understand that stucco repairs can be slightly tricky at times and require expertise. And when done right, the repairs can make your stucco last much longer. So, if you need stucco repair services in Laveen, you can reach out to us at CF VICE Construction. We’re block wall contractors and offer a range of services, including stucco repairs and paver installations.

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