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Stucco Remediation vs. Repair: Know the Difference

When the stucco on your home becomes damaged, it doesn’t just look bad but can also lead to a number of other issues. From leakage (as a result of rain damage) to lower energy efficiency, damaged stucco can be pretty difficult to deal with. When people try to fix their stucco, they’re usually met with two options: remediation or repair.

Here, our block repair services provider in Chandler highlights the main differences between these two methods:

Stucco remediation

To repair the underlying issue, stucco remediation fixes and replasters the whole wall system, ensuring little to no harm to your house foundation. Often, the inherent issues include the penetration of moisture into the gap between the interior wall frame and the outer stucco layer. The issue may arise due to aging. Since stucco remediation is a detailed process, it requires the expertise of highly trained workers to perform the task.

When do people go for stucco remediation?

If you encounter more profound stucco damage, remediation becomes crucial. Compared to an ordinary stucco repair, stucco remediation is way more expensive. However, executing the process isn’t recommended until it becomes necessary. The cost of performing simple stucco repairs repeatedly to postpone remediation would be far greater. If your stucco is aging and showing signs of moisture and mold, it’s time to go for stucco remediation.


Stucco remediation permanently mends the inherent issues, thereby preventing the stucco exterior from being damaged. If moisture intersperses the exterior surface, even multiple repairs won’t solve the problem — the issue will return at some point in the future. However, stucco remediation resolves the root of the issue. Moisture is one of the main reasons for stucco damage. This is usually an indication that moisture can damage the interior structure of your house. The remediation process will safeguard the rest of your house walls from future interior and exterior damage.

a stucco wall

Stucco repair

To remedy the surface-level damages, people usually go for stucco repair. Often, this process is executed to fix the damage an external force causes, such as something damaging the material layered on the wall or something striking the wall. Besides, you can repair minor cracks professionally that develop over time in specific parts of the stucco wall with an instant stucco repair.

When do people go for stucco repair?

During stucco repair, professionals perform minor fixes to resolve surface-level damages to the stucco wall. If you witness small cracks that haven’t discovered mold or moisture yet, a simple stucco repair might be all you need. A professional stucco repairer will inspect the area, checking if it’s just surface-level damage or the result of significant underlying problems.


The two important benefits of stucco repair over remediation are: that the process is least expensive and is quicker. The repairs are usually surface-level fixes and lack extensive work that stucco remediation may otherwise require. Besides, for minor stucco fixing, you don’t need a lot of skilled human resources. So, compared to remediation, the cost is less expensive.

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