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Sticking to Stucco Facts: Debunking Some Common Myths

Who isn’t looking for energy-efficient insulation for residential and commercial buildings? Stucco is a popular insulation choice these days. Research finds the Southwestern regions of the US to be frequent users of stucco as wall plasters. A leading reason why stucco is used in humid, moist and even dry climate zones can be accredited to its composition. The material combines lime, cement, and water with sand in varied proportions.

Not sure of the material? Let us debunk some common stucco myths for you.

Stucco Exteriors Are a Bad Idea Altogether!

That’s a myth for sure. Stucco is a fire-resistant material that keeps walls dry. Above all, the material is highly durable and needs no to low maintenance. Stuccos help not only weatherproof homes but also saves many energy bills with their superb insulation properties.

For your real estate in Avondale, we’d recommend you enhance your property’s look with stucco walls. Our stucco wall repair services in Avondale help with stucco wall plaster and maintenance.

Stucco Cannot be Applied Directly on Lath!

This myth is incorrect. Building constructors and architects often apply stucco directly on lath rather than going down the concrete masonry route for stucco application. Your contractor will use directly applicable stucco and at least two to three coats to stabilize the plaster.

The only precaution here is the prevention of water seepage. Water damage is a common phenomenon for most construction mortar and building blocks. Stucco plasters likewise need to be protected from excess water damage.

Stucco Needs Frequent Crack Repairs

Not true again! Stucco may give you some trouble in the beginning during installation. That’s also because the viscous liquid can get a few minor cracks due to blowing winds. But these cracks are likely to settle once the plaster dries. Hairline cracks like these are not a matter of caution after installation. The stucco plaster can last year without needing hefty repairs.

Make sure your stucco installation and repair contractors have diverse experience in the field. You can opt for our masonry and block wall contractors in Gold Canyon, who’ve been in the business for over ten years.

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Stucco Walls Are Boring!

Many people believe you don’t have many options with rough stucco walls. They can’t be painted in interesting colors. You can always paint stucco in any color and shade you want! We’d recommend you use acrylic latex paint for stucco walls.

The paint is highly long-lasting and ensures surface breathability, and you should paint your stucco every 7 to 8 years. You can also go for elastomeric paints for your stucco walls.

Experienced service providers in Apache Junction can care for stucco repair for your property. Our service, CF Vice Construction, has a wide range of experience dealing with concrete construction, paver installation, and putting green services in Apache Junction, Avondale, and Sun City. Contact us at 4807127421 for more information about our services.














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