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How to Pick the Right Paver Installation Company for Your Home?

When searching for paver installation services in Scottsdale that won’t just do the job, but do it well, some due diligence may be in the offing. However, as long as you follow the tips listed below, the search will be less stressful:

Compare quotations

Call different paver installation services providers in Tempe to quote on your project. If the prices differ considerably, look at the project specifications more carefully. While certain contractors provide lower prices, they skimp on professional installation, which leads to a weaker driveway that deteriorates and cracks faster. So, don’t hesitate to ask about the warranty included in your quote.

In addition, compare their quotes — and don’t rush this process. Don’t go for contractors that need you to make a quick decision to secure a discounted price, even if they’re operating in your neighborhood. Be wary of contractors that knock on doors and provide an extremely low rate for homeowners willing to book on the spot. How will you reach out to this firm if any warranty-related issue arises? You must give yourself ample time to research the reputation and credentials of the contractor.

Proper preparation

Expert paver installation service providers in Gilbert recognize the value of preparation. If pavers are installed without adequate prep work or base, they’ll only last a short time. So, get details about the compacting processes, base materials, and the excavation included in your quotation.

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If a contractor skips the cleaning phase, you’ll see peeling and cracking, quickly degrading your newly paved driveway.

Key factors

A reliable paver installation services provider in Chandler must have certain characteristics. Wise homeowners must consider the following factors and choose a contractor accordingly:


Your paving contractor must be licensed to work in your local area.

Professional employees

Some paving companies employ subcontractors to complete their work, meaning the firm you hire will not necessarily complete your project. This arrangement leads to a number of problems when a warranty issue arises, resulting in added expenses and slower responses.

Proper insurance coverage

Similar to any home improvement project, paver installation can be risky. The best contractors carry full liability insurance coverage, comprising worker’s compensation. By covering any property damage or accidents that occur during your project, such contractors remove the financial responsibility from your shoulders.

Local presence

Hiring a local company is essential, especially if you don’t live in a city center. These contractors are involved in local business associations and community programs and have a vested interest in your satisfaction. So, either watch out for paver installation service providers operating in your area or ask your neighbors for a recommendation.


Paving companies that have been operating in your area for years have invested in their reputation, and there’s a greater chance they’ll offer you the level of service you deserve.

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