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How to Make the Most of a Small Outdoor Space

Are you ready to transform your home this fall? With the summer heat dwindling and the fall season upon us, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor seating areas and get fire pits for roasting marshmallows.

There’s nothing more fun and enjoyable than having family over and having a storytelling session in the backyard with a small fire to keep everyone company. However, if you’re worried about having a small outdoor space, this piece is for you.

We’ve put together some inspirational ideas for you about how you can decorate your limited outdoor space and make the most of this pleasant fall season. Here’s how you can transform your outdoor space:

Tea For Two Please!

If you’re wondering how to accommodate a seating area in a tiny backyard, we’ve got you covered. Sometimes, going the simplest route can get you the most amazing results. You don’t have to install a fire pit with some planters and a huge recliner; you can put a small tea table with two or more chairs, depending upon your space, in bright and welcoming colors. Add a hanging lantern in the corner and voila, you’ve got an intimate seating area.

This is a perfect setting to have some tea with your best friend or invite a date over for a romantic and intimate dinner.

two bistro-style chairs on a patio

Reading Date With One

If you’re someone who lives to read, we’ve got the perfect suggestion for you. When you have limited seating space in the yard, you can always convert it into your own private reading space in the fall. You can put in multifunctional furniture that can help you utilize the space in your yard, like an L-shaped bench that functions as a seat or a recliner.

You can add some planters, lanterns, and candles and enjoy a reading date with a new book.

a hanging chair with some cushions

A Cozy Backyard Setting

If you’ve got a smaller backyard that doesn’t have much space for greenery, you can create an outdoor nook under a gorgeous pergola. A pergola can act as a wall-less space that you can decorate with chairs and sofas with a table in the center—and for privacy, you can also install curtains in the pergola to create a more intimate setting.

This setting brings the comfort of interior space to outdoor seating space, transforming it into a personal retreat.

sofas and chairs arranged outdoors on a patio

Create an Outdoor View

Sometimes, it’s not best to have an outdoor room facing the yard if your plants obscure the view completely. However, you can remedy this by installing a variety of plants in different lengths and then locating seating areas in a way that the seating is viewable from the inside, and a person sitting outside can enjoy an unobstructed view of the yard. Plus, it’ll make your house look more spacious!

Try Backyard Landscaping

If you’re trying to avoid weeding large patches of land, you can skip the hassle by adding plants in small containers throughout your garden. These can be moved around based on how you wish to arrange the plants in the garden. You can also use these plants to gain more privacy.

Choose planters where plants have grown at least 2-3 feet tall and install them at the edges to block the view from the street.

a small backyard and patio space

Compact Bistro Seating Sets

Compact furniture is ideal for small backyards. They help make a narrow and small space feel larger and expansive. These compact bistro-style chairs, tables, and benches are perfect for garden corners, porches, patios, and backyards. They can help you maximize storage and seating in a minimal area.

Moreover, you can include a large umbrella or a pergola as a shade over the seating area to protect against harsh sunlight during the day.

a family sitting down in the garden

Bright Color Schemes

If you’re looking to create an aesthetic that can encapsulate your backyard space without overwhelming it, try matching your furniture color that complements the flowers and construction work. Try using red paint furniture to match red brickwork or pavers. Put up white cushions to complement the white stucco work. Use a contrasting throw pillow to match the magnolias or roses in your yard.

However, having too many accents can make your space feel disorganized. So try finding out what works for your yard and stick to as fewer elements as possible.

Install Outdoor Structures For a Unique Aesthetic

If you’re trying to take the attention away from the size of your yard, the best thing you can do with outdoor structures is to install them either at the very back of the yard or at the front of the yard to garner attention.

You can use a small statue, a bird fountain, a trellis, an arbor, etc. At the back of your property, it can serve as a backdrop to catch your attention. At the entrance, it can be a gorgeous entry point that can bring prominence to your outdoor space.

You can add some fairy lights and glow lights to the statue, planters, or bird fountain to bring your yard space to life and make it look like a magical place.

 a bird sitting on the edge of a water fountain

Install Hanging Lights

If you’re wondering how you can create a gorgeous aesthetic in your backyard space, try installing fairy lights and hanging lanterns over your seating area. You can also hang these around the walls and small planters in your garden to create a glowing, warm, and welcoming aesthetic.

Elevated Landscaping

You can try paver installations to create an elevated aesthetic in your yard. It can be used to frame a seating area or as a small platform to place planters and other garden decorations. This change in floor space can make your yard seem larger and increase the visual separation between two separate spaces.

a string of fairy lights hanging in a garden

Place an Iron Fire Pit

A fire pit can completely transform the ambiance of your small backyard space. You don’t have to use anything large as a fire pit. A small iron pit with some pieces of wood will suffice. You can place the pit near the seating area while you and your friends gather around the fire to tell stories, and roast marshmallows.

Add a Partial Wooden Awning Over The Seating Area Against The Wall

If you’re trying to create a visual separation of spaces, installing a partial wooden awning over the seating area like a pergola can separate the area of your backyard and make your open-air area of the yard seem larger. It’ll also keep your yard view intact. You can also subtly add greenery in subtle planters between the seating areas for a pop of color.

a patio space with outdoor dining area

Add Soothing Yard Sounds

There’s nothing more soothing than the light chirping of the birds and the sound of gently running water. If you can’t install a flowing pond in your yard, you can install a small tabletop fountain fixture that can produce flowing water sounds. This can be a prominent fixture in your garden if you paint it in a calming color to add to the garden’s aesthetics.

Opt For Movable Furniture

Movable furniture will make it easy for you to change your backyard aesthetics as you like. You can move it under an awning during the day, and underneath the star after sunset. It can be a great way to change the aesthetics depending on the guests you’re having or your preference. You can also throw up a sheet in your yard with a projector and enjoy an outdoor theatre experience.

Try Out a Hammock

Struggling with a small outdoor space? Try installing a hammock.

Filling a small space can be challenging. However, with a hammock, some planters, and a mini chair, you can never go wrong.

A hammock is a classic addition to any garden as it can be a comfortable space to listen to some music, take in the gentle breeze, watch the sunrise or the sunset, read a book, or enjoy a lazy afternoon with a loved one.

a white blanket on a hammock

A Large Outdoor Umbrella

It can be quite difficult to decide how to cover a small seating area from the harsh sun rays. So a foldable large umbrella is perfect. You can choose an elegant design with some embellishments to complement your decoration and backyard aesthetics.

Make a Small Corner Nook

It’s surprising what you can accomplish with limited space. You can create a nook with two chairs and a small table while having a larger sofa or bench to accommodate guests. However, if you’ve got one friend or date coming over, you can simply move the other seating arrangements in another direction from the nook, creating an intimate setting.

Paver Installation On The Patio

If you’re thinking of creating a gorgeous outdoor seating space sans the yard, a paver installation for the floor with a dining table for six would look great on the patio. You can also add some bright flower planters scattered through the space with some hanging vines to complement the outdoor space.

a line of pavers surrounded by plants

Artificial Turf For a Green Aesthetic

If you’re looking for a green grass bed all year round without the hassle of maintaining and grooming it, artificial turf is one of the best alternatives. With artificial turf installation, you won’t have to remember watering it a few times a day or installing an expensive sprinkler system.

You also won’t have to spend your precious Sunday mowing the lawn for hours or weeding out the plants. Instead, you can spend that time with your family, having a picnic in the yard surrounded by planters, fairy lights, and good food.

Moreover, you won’t even have to think about maintenance for the first ten years after installation. At the most, you might need to wash the turf once a year to keep it looking fresh.

an artificial turf

Add a Pretty Gate

Having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t install a gate to your little heaven on Earth. You can look into different garden gates depending upon your needs. You can go for a metal gate, a wooden gate, or even a sliding steel gate installation service if you’re feeling fancy. However, painted wooden gates suit the best as they give off “enter the woodland wonderland vibes” to spaces.

a blue and brown gate

Add a Bar Cart To Your Home

Entertaining people in small spaces can be a challenge. So, instead of having tables, you can simply roll in a bar cart or a trolley that can hold all the food items for your guests. It can also be an easy way to bring items to the outdoor seating spaces from the kitchen if you’re serving on the dining table on the patio.

Add Outdoor Rugs For Comfortable Seating

If you’re concerned that too much furniture will take up all the space in your yard, try using outdoor rugs and floor seating to make up for a lack of sofas. You can also use bean bags as lounging chairs. This is an informal and comfortable seating that’ll leave your guests relaxed and eat at ease in the environment.

You can also add some lanterns and fairy lights to the arrangement to get those warm glow aesthetics.

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Now that you know how you can make the best of your outdoor space, you can create an enchanting space for your home. Also, if you’re looking to change your patio aesthetics, add some putting green installation, artificial turf installation, paver installation, commercial painting services, or cinder block fence installation in Phoenix, CF VICE Construction can help you out.

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