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Helpful Tips For Stucco Repairs In Anthem

Stucco is a strong siding material that’s used as a premium decorative coating for walls and ceilings in homes and buildings. When installed properly, it can last for decades. Without maintenance, big cracks and holes can appear that need to be fixed right away before the damage increases.

If your home needs some major stucco repairs, you need to contact a masonry service provider in Anthem. They’ll handle the issues expertly. However, if the repairs are minor and you wish to do them yourself, you will benefit from knowing some tips beforehand.

What is stucco?

Stucco is a wall finish that’s used for interior and exterior surfaces. It gives the walls a nice texture. It’s made from cement, lime, sand, and water and comes in a variety of colors.

Types of Stucco Systems

There are major types of stucco systems: the 1- and 3-coat systems. Both of these systems are slightly different. The 1-coat system is made using plastic cement and is known for its superior strength. The 3-coat system is made using cement, sand, and water but also contains additives like fiberglass and acrylic to make it water-resistant and strong.

Advantages of Stucco

Here are some advantages that make stucco such a popular building material:

It’s Effective

Stucco’s made up of crushed marble, cement, and sand. These are dense materials that produce a heavy-duty product when combined. Stucco is an excellent insulator, better than brick and vinyl. It also results in a noise-resistant and air-sealed interior that’s very sustainable and energy-efficient.

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It’s Moisture-Resistant

Stucco is usually combined with an additional layer of exterior insulation finish systems. Both of these substances work together to create a moisture-resistant barrier.

It’s Fire Resistant

Another thing that makes stucco perfect for construction is its fire-resistant nature. Since it’s made up of cement and sand, it can withstand heat and fire very efficiently. Although it’s not entirely fire-resistant, it certainly is a better alternative than wood and vinyl.

It’s Durable

If you’ve installed stucco properly and maintained it well, it’ll last longer—decades even. This makes it a wise choice for commercial and residential properties.

It’s Versatile

Stucco comes with versatility. It can be applied in many textures and colors and on various existing exteriors such as steel or wood.

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It’s Attractive

If you want your home to have an unmatchable curb appeal, you need to consider installing stucco. Since it’s so versatile, it allows you to create a unique, eye-catching exterior that’ll last you for years. Additionally, everyone who looks at your home’s exterior will simply admire it.

It’s Customizable

You get a variety of options to choose from when it comes to customizing stucco. There are many textures to choose from. Color pigments also bond very well with stucco, so you also get an extensive color palette you can go with.

It’s Budget Friendly

Durability and versatility aren’t the only things stucco offers you. Stucco homes are also very budget-friendly, making them a wise choice for all homeowners in Anthem.

It’s Low Maintenance

Stucco doesn’t require much maintenance to stand the test of time. If your installation is flawless, it’ll require little to no maintenance over the years. That’s why it’s important to let professional stucco experts handle the installation and repair. This way, you get cost savings and a reliable service that will ensure there’s no damage.

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It’s Valuable

Choosing stucco means saving money. It’s a better alternative than other sidings because it’s easily available, more affordable, low maintenance, and leads to lower energy costs.

Repairing Stucco Cracks

It’s common to see cracks in stucco because it’s made up of cement. So, if you see cracks on your stucco wall, here’s what you need to do:

Hairline Cracks

If you see small, thin cracks in your stucco wall, you can fix them with paintable caulk. Start by choosing a caulk color that resembles your stucco color. Finding an exact match is sometimes difficult to go with the closest shade. If you want to be precise, you can mix in exterior paint that matches your stucco with the caulk.

Wide Cracks

If you’ve got wider cracks in your stucco, you can apply an all-purpose stucco filler that’s meant for stucco repair.

Repairing Large Holes

If you’re well-adept at-home repairs, you may be able to patch large holes in stucco. However, creating a patch that blends with your wall without repainting is not easy. It’s a long process, so it’s better to choose a masonry repair service in Anthem like CF Vice Construction to do the job for you.

Here’s what to do if you do decide to do the job yourself:

  1. Remove the loose stucco from the hole with a chisel and a hammer. Carefully blow out the dust and install a new wire mesh over the damaged one. Spray with water when done.
  2. Next, apply a fresh coat of stucco using a putty knife or a mason’s trowel. You should see stucco ooze from the mesh. Once it’s firm, you can scratch it with a nail and cure it for two days.
  3. Apply the second coat and cure it for two days again.
  4. Then, it’s time for the final coat. You need to apply this over the dampened second coat. You can texture this coat as you want and allow it to cure for two to four days.
  5. Paint if needed.

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