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Gating Your Property: 5 Factors to Consider

Security gates, iron gates, entrance gates, and more, you need all these to ensure multiple levels of security and to guard your property against intruders. New gates have everything to do with your home’s aesthetic. Double-hinged gates usually represent traditional houses, while single-hinged gates are for more modern homes that prefer a minimalistic look. Either way, before you install new gates to your property, you need to consider a few decisive factors.

We’d strongly suggest you call in a professional gate installation company to avoid injury and damage during gate installation. Our company, CF Vice Construction, knows the drill well. Hire us for an effective gate installation service in Avondale.

Here are some factors to consider before installing new gates.

Security Gate or an Entrance Gate?

Gate installation has to be supremely purpose-oriented. While you might want a smaller gate for your backyard entrance, main entrances have larger gates that cover a large area. These can be heavy-weight sliding gates or metallic gates with some embellishment. Consider the purpose of the gate before getting it installed.

Installation and Material Cost

While the property area is important, consider the entire cost of the initiative. Consider the material cost, the labor cost for installation, and the cost of installation material. You might have to pay a notch higher if security is your preference. Cinder block wall gates are shorter gates for entrance. You will need security gates for your house to protect the area.

Consult an experienced block construction company if you want a cinder gate installed in your block wall.


What’s the point of installing new gates that can’t survive the test of time? Harsh weather can make your new gates brittle and rough. Longer summer rains corrode gates to a considerable extent. Install quality gates that last you years and are not easily affected by bad weather. Seek advice from trusted contractors about the kind of durable entrance gates for humid regions.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Steel and metal gates show signs of rusting pretty soon. Aluminium and uPVC doors are better options for areas that receive a great amount of rainfall. You don’t want to end up with gates that involve total hours of cleaning. Your property gate must bear the weather’s torment all the time and should be sturdy for everyday use!

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Gate Style and Hues

From sliding doors to French doors, there are some options you can choose from. Metal doors are equally trendy but will need careful installation. For long-term use and quality equipment, aluminum and plastic are reliable gate choices.

Professional gate installation companies can help you choose the right gate material for your property. Ours is quite a known concrete masonry service in Sun City and Cave Creek. We deal in block repair services, paver installation, and stucco repair services in Buckeye. Contact us at 4807127421 for more information about our services.


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