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Four different samples of bright colors on a wall.

Designer-Approved Paint Colors That Will Brighten Up a Dreary Home Office

Offices worldwide have traditionally followed dull and somber interior décor themes where they use shades of grey, white, and off-whites. However, in the last decade, the corporate sector is becoming more open to creative, loud, and attractive workspaces to create the perfect work environment for their employees.

That’s not the only change the global corporate world has seen – during the global pandemic; many large corporations switched to remote work for most of their employees. With time, many companies realized that operating remotely or having a partially functioning site office is far more feasible and cost-effective than running an entire workplace all year round. Most companies have either hired remote employees or outsourced their work.

The change isn’t just limited to offices but has become a widespread phenomenon for small-scale businesses and start-up companies. Many entrepreneurs are setting up home offices for their business, where they communicate with clients, pack orders, and start the shipping processes from the said offices.

Now that so many people are thinking about creating home offices for their work, it might be time to spruce up the space and make it brighter, energetic, and colorful to give you the push you need. Before hiring a commercial painting service for your office, let’s explore why people are opting for home offices, how you can change their appearance, and some designer-approved colors that would do wonders!

So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to find out more!

5 Reasons Why You Need a Home Office

There are several reasons why creating a home office is the right choice for you, your business, and the environment in general. Here are some impressive reasons why a home office is everything you need.

Let’s begin!

1. Enhances Property Value

Away from all cost-effectiveness and operational ease, creating a home office can boost the value of your property. Turning an attic, den, or any other place in the house into a home office will be a plus point when you finally put your property on the market.

Not only does it increase the functionality of the house, but it also helps create a space for working, studying, or expanding other professional interests.

2. Enjoy Lower Costs

What’s the one thing that most start-ups and small businesses are concerned about? They want to ensure they don’t incur high costs, so they can maximize profits and stabilize their businesses. So, what better way to cut costs than by reducing rental prices, electricity bills, and more?

With a home office, you can easily eliminate all your fixed costs and only work around variable costs. With a home-based office and remote employees, you don’t have to worry about extensive rental prices, buying equipment, or paying for added electricity bills. All you have to take care of is the shift in your home bills, employee salaries, and the variable costs of producing and shipping products.

3. Say Bye to Late Nights

A woman working on her laptop with a cup of coffee.

Remember pre-pandemic when we had to talk to clients who weren’t in our time zone? We had to sit and wait in the office for longer hours to communicate with them over Skype. With a home office, you can easily mold your working hours to cater to international clients. It gives you more access without having to sit in an office space and hold other employees hostage.

For every off-timing meeting, you and your concerned employees can adjust your working hours accordingly. The flexibility a home office can give you while managing your work will provide for a work and personal life balance like never before.

1. Improvements Will Come Easy

When you rent a third-party space for an office, you are bound by the costs and the contract terms. However, with a home office, you can make all the changes you want, expand as much as you want, and you don’t have to worry about contradicting a contract you might have done with a landlord for the office space.

In a rented-out office space, every time you want to expand, you will have to look for a different office. With a home office, you can expand your workforce without worrying about space.

2. Fewer Carbon Footprints

When you’re not working from the office, you don’t have to worry about commuting to a different location. All you need to do is walk to another end of your house and start working. This reduces your overall carbon footprint.

Different Ways to Spruce Up a Dull Home Office

Whether you’re working with a wall expert or a professional painting service, you need to explore a few things before you can decide how you want to change your dreary home office to a brighter and more spacious area.

Let’s explore a few ideas here!

Get Appropriate Furniture

When we talk about remodels, most people will automatically either paint the walls, get masonry repair work done, or get new furniture. While you might not need the first two options, getting appropriate furniture and fixtures for your office will help you turn the entire décor around.

To make do temporarily, you might have dragged tables and chairs from around the house to create a little office corner, but for the long term, you will need to create a proper space that gives you the inspiration and energy to keep working. Start with the basics, and get a proper work desk for your office. Once you have a desk, get office-appropriate chairs that allow you comfort for long sitting hours, some mobility, and a classy stroke to the interior.

The more you personalize your office to the theme of your business or your personality, the easier the entire process will be. Add some bean bags so you can relax and unwind during breaks. Add motivational quotes, paintings, or other relevant art to liven it up.

You can always use lamps to get the perfect lighting and aesthetic for the office.

Add Doors for Privacy

A home office with glass doors.

If you’re a parent working from home, you’ll likely be disturbed a lot. Your children will want to come and share every detail of their day with you, or you might just be distracted by the noises around the house. So, how can you work effectively without having to soundproof your home office?

We can help you out – many modern architects are introducing the use of iron and steel doors around the house that have glass incorporated. These doors add a spacious effect to your office, all the while keeping communication open between you and your beloved family members. If you’re a working mother, these glass paneled doors will allow you to keep an eye on your children while you tend to important business matters.

Add Vibrant Paints

Let’s face it; we’re all accustomed to the same white walls, grey furniture, and black fixtures – so whenever we think of offices, this comes to mind. However, you don’t have to follow the dull and depressing aesthetic. You can easily switch it up, add some vibrant colors and turn around the entire aesthetic of the office.

Try using some vibrant colors to help you create a brighter, more spacious, and more welcoming environment in your office. Confused about the colors you will get? Keep reading and find out more!

Designer-Approved Paints for a Brighter Working Space

How you design your workspace influences your productivity when working from home. If you have a calming aura all around, you can easily work through the day without being trampled by excessive anxiety. However, if the colors or furniture alignment is overwhelming, you might not perform as effectively.

Here are some designer-approved paint colors to help create the perfect working space for maximum productivity. Let’s explore!

A Tranquil & Bright Blue

A home office with one of its walls painted blue.

Kati Curtis of Kati Curtis Design has mentioned the use of a bright yet subtle shade of blue for home offices on many occasions. They have highlighted how, when creating a lively office, you must use a neutral yet calming tone to create the perfect base.

The right shade of blue will have a calming effect on the anxiety you might experience throughout the day. The tranquil color will help you calm down and work through your tasks with ease.

The Elegant Charmed Violet

The famous interior designer, Moll Anderson, has repeatedly named the charming violet shade as something that would be great to brighten up an office space. She talks about how the color scheme you pick out will affect your energy, productivity levels, and efficiency. She suggests using colors that will bring a happy and vibrant feel.

The shade charmed violet has been known to create a positive. Get a professional masonry repair service to fix the holes in your wall, and color one of your walls violet for enhanced productivity, energy, and positive mood.

Use a Green Color Scheme

 A home office with most furniture in shades of green.

We are the calmest when we’re close to nature, which is why you must add some tranquility, peace, and nature-inspired shades to your home office. You need to feel calm and at ease when you’re working on important projects, and different shades of green can help you achieve that with ease.

Use shades of green ranging from Forrest green to sea green; you can use each of these colors to create a nature-inspired home office. Use contrasting colors for curtains, cushions, and bean bags around the office.

The Classic Monochrome Scheme

While most people want to step out of the same color combinations, using the classic monochrome scheme with a twist doesn’t take away from the charm of a home office. You can paint a wall black, and the other three walls, the furniture, and the other aesthetics could follow a white theme to establish a classical look.

With the help of the monochrome scheme, you can create a very professional and stringent aesthetic that exudes professionalism, discipline, and more. You can even add shades of red to the little fixtures and accessories around the room to give it a pop of lively colors.

Use Cool Colors and Patterns

Bold walls and colors can bring out a personality in your home office, but after a while, it will seem boring, mundane, and extremely simple. So, what can you do to give your home office the perfect interior design transformation?

Instead of only focusing on bold colors, try to use neutral base colors and add patterns with a bolder or brighter color. For example, you can use a light turquoise shade for the base of the wall and then add a darker teal shade and create symmetrical patterns across the wall. This will give your office space a playful and lively look and not bore you with simple and mediocre color schemes.

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