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Brick Or Stone Masonry? Which Is Better?

Stone and bricks are excellent materials for constructing homes with unique aesthetics. However, choosing between the two can be a difficult decision. Both of these materials have their pros and cons that make them popular materials and preferred by different building owners. And the best part is you don’t have to pick between them for your building or home. You can always opt for a combination of both for your desired aesthetic.

To make a well-informed decision, here are some differences, pros, and cons of these two materials and how they can prolong the life of your structure:

What Is Brick Masonry?

Brick masonry refers to a bonded brick structure using mortar as a bonding material. It is easier to handle because of the definite shape and size of the brick. The art of bricklaying is considered easier than stone masonry because of its shape and size.

There are many kinds of brickwork. However, the most common are brickwork in mud and cement. Brickwork in mud is easier to fill up the joints and is the most inexpensive kind of brick masonry. In cement work, laying bricks can be classified into four classes with different bonding techniques.

Some Pros Of Brick Masonry

Here are some pros of brick masonry:

Brick Homes Have A Better Perceived Market Value

Brick homes are known for their strength and durability. So, it’s seen that many homeowners perceive brick homes to be of higher value and quality and are willing to pay more for them. It’s the mason work and overall aesthetic that makes brick homes more appealing to potential home buyers and owners.

The Don’t Require Much Maintenance

Bricks don’t need to be colored unless you want them to be a certain color to match your building aesthetics. Good quality bricks usually have excellent color retention qualities and aesthetics that give the home its signature look. Also, they are an incredibly durable material that can withstand harsh weather like wind, storms, and rain.

They Are Long-Lasting

Like stones, bricks are a long-lasting material used to construct some of the world’s oldest buildings.

They’re An Eco-Friendly Material

Bricks are considered to be eco-friendlier than wood. This is because cutting down trees harms the environment. Meanwhile, bricks are made from clay and shale which are naturally occurring materials.

a gothic church with spires

Some Cons Of Brick Masonry

Now that you’ve considered the pros of brick masonry, here are some cons that’ll help you get more perspective on the material:

There’s Little Room For Design Variation

Bricks are known for their standard shape and sizes. In contrast, stones come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors. So, there’s little room for design variations and aesthetic choices.

Bricks Are Low Maintenance But Mortar Is Not

Stones and bricks are durable materials but the same can’t be said for mortar. Mortar is a material that’s required to hold the bricks and stones together. It’s also engineered to hold the weight of the bricks and structure. Since it requires maintenance from time to time, mortar repairs are relatively more affordable than brick or stone replacement.

So, if your mortar is crumbling, it’s recommended to call your masonry service providers and get it repaired as soon as possible. This is because excess pressure may be transferred unevenly, which can cause brick damage and structural damage. This issue is ultimately much harder to fix than mortar damage.

small houses made of stone with a green door and small windows

What Is Stone Masonry?

Like bricks, stonework also uses mortar as a bonding material. However, where bricks are made from clay and shale, stones are abundant in nature that can be cut and chopped in the desired shape and form to be used in construction.

Stone masonry is stronger, sturdy, and warm weather-resistant than brick masonry. This material has been a testament to withstand the ages of time and wear and tear from the elements. Many ancient buildings from thousands of years ago were built with stone and still exist today.

Some Pros Of Stone Masonry

Here are some pros of using stone in masonry for a building:

Local Stones Add A Gorgeous Aesthetic

If you intend to ensure that your building or home stays around for a long time and is recognized for its work, the local stone is the way to go. These projects are the most unique because of local stones that can be incorporated from the surrounding land. You must’ve noticed that stone colors and structures vary from region to region and land by land.

So this will help elevate the aesthetics of your building and ease the logistics process as you won’t have to transport the stones on site. This will be easier on your budget and good for the environment.

Stones Can Help Keep Your Building Naturally Cool

Stones are usually cool and warm-toned, adding a nice contrast to the brown and green surroundings. They’re also a naturally cool material that is great for warm environments. These will help keep your home interior cooler in the intense heat.

Add A Luxurious Aesthetic To Your Home

Stones are a classic aesthetic. They can be used for both modern and traditional designs that look classic. It also adds character, luxury, and charm to the building and works well with other construction materials like bricks, concrete, and cinder blocks. Whether you’re building a gorgeous cathedral or a beach cottage, the timeless look of the material can pull off any look or design.

It’s A Durable Material

If you’ve seen some of the historical building, you must’ve noticed that they were made from stone. That’s why its regarded as one of the strongest materials for construction in nature. Many buildings like the castles in England and Scotland and natural stone mountains around the world that date back hundreds and thousands of years are still standing firm.

: a stone house made one top of a hill

Some Pros Of Stone Masonry

Now that we’ve discussed some pros of masonry, here are some cons you should consider:

Stone Has To Be Quarried

Stone has to be sourced from the ground. It has to be dug up from the dirt. So, sourcing a virgin stone will harm the environment, requiring machinery to cut and remove the stone while disturbing the natural land.

However, it’s possible to repurpose used stone. So if there are instances of stone material that has been left due to a demolition of a building, that stone can be repurposed for a different building.

It Has A Cooling Effect On A Building

Stones are known for their naturally cool effects. So, if you’re living in a cool environment that sees a lot of snow and storms with a stone building that has no insulation, you’re going to feel like you’re living in a tundra. You’ll need to invest in many fireplaces and thick fur blankets.

When the temperature drops, cool stones will begin to feel like ice. So, it’s not effective insulation material to have around. So, you’ll need to add a layer of insulation if you’re adamant about using stone in your mason work.

It Involves A Laborious Installation Process

Stone masonry is not everyone’s forte. And it’s not a recommended DIY material either. It involves a specialized and laborious installation process that requires patience and professional skill. So, installing a stone building or a structure can be a costly venture because of the material and labor skills involved.

 a large stone building with a red front door

Get Affordable Block Wall Construction Services In Phoenix For Your Home

Now that you know in detail about the pros and cons of stone and brick masonry, you can make a better decision for your home. Both are excellent construction materials, and one is better than the other based on environmental factors. If you’re living in a colder region, you’ll have to pay more for insulation. But bricks work well for both colder and warmer environments.

In terms of durability and strength, stonework has been known for the last centuries. Whereas, brickwork is susceptible to regular mortar damage. So, based on these factors, we recommend stonework as one of the best construction materials for strong buildings.

If you’re looking for affordable block wall contractors, check out our services at CF VICE Construction. We offer masonry repair services in Phoenix, Gilbert, and Scottsdale. Get in touch with us now for more information on our services.




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