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Astroturf in a backyard Many homeowners prefer artificial turf installation services over the

Artificial Turf Installations In Avondale—Everyday Care And Long-Term Maintenance

Many homeowners prefer artificial turf installation services over the usual turf because of its low maintenance requirements and beautiful presentation throughout the year. While it’s a great option for homeowners who want their lawn to look gorgeous without putting in much effort, your artificial grass lawn still needs a little TLC.

Artificial grass doesn’t have the same problems as real grass—it won’t be susceptible to fungi, diseases, or weeds, but it does risk wear and tear or battering from different sources.

Here’s how you can maintain your artificial turf:

Clean any mild stains ASAP

Life can be rather unpredictable, and you might get something on your artificial turf that can stain its surface. Whether it’s a plate at a family barbeque, a can of alcohol that got knocked over, or a pet leaving its mark in the garden, it’s important to be prompt and clean any spills immediately.

Use a towel or dry absorbent such as kitty litter to blot up the liquid and rinse the affected area with water and detergent. If you need something stronger to remove the stain, try using a 3% ammonia solution with water instead. Make sure that you rinse everything out with clean water.

Use mineral spirits

Sometimes, your stains might be too stubborn to take care of with the usual detergent and water combo. If you’ve got substances such as cooking oil, pen ink, grease, motor oil, or crayon on your turf, use mineral spirits to draw the stain out and blot up any excess liquid.

Remove pet waste

Your pets are bound to relieve themselves on your turf at some point, but you don’t have to clean the entire turf every time it happens. Give the solid waste some time to dry before picking it up, and douse the area with cool water on any urine spots to get rid of the smell. If something’s stuck on the surface and refuses to let go, you can use a plastic putty knife to scrape it off.

Most stains on artificial turf are easy to remove, and some can be completely replaced, but it’s best to avoid getting them. Keep your fireworks and cigarettes away from the turf, and don’t use any strong chemicals near the area.

Remove bacteria

Most turf owners don’t face many issues regarding bacteria buildup, but if you need to do some deep cleaning, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar to kill the bacteria.

A shoes on grass

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