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A small apartment balcony with artificial turf.

Artificial Turf—6 Fake Grass Myths Debunked!

Artificial turf is an excellent investment for your home, which is why it’s worth purchasing and installing in your backyards, balconies, and other spaces where growing natural grass is both expensive and inconvenient.

However, there is some misunderstanding around fake grass that may dampen its appeal, but here’s what you need to know about this wonderful addition, including separating fact from fiction:

1. Artificial grass is expensive and unaffordable

This is the first myth we’re here to debunk for you. Artificial grass is not expensive and unaffordable, but there is more to it than buying the first one you see. In fact, artificial grass is a lot cheaper than natural grass to grow and can easily fit into your budget without worrying about breaking the bank. It’s important to invest in good quality artificial grass, which should look beautiful yet realistic and be functional. We provide artificial grass installation in Glendale, giving you the best quality grass for an excellent price point too.

 A closeup of artificial turf on the ground in a backyard.

2. It looks fake and awkward when installed

Another common myth and misconception about artificial grass is that it looks fake and awkward when installed. That’s not true at all, especially since the grass has become more well-designed and realistic over time, making it look like the real thing–just better.

Not all grass will look plastic or unrealistic when installed, but the quality you buy will determine its appearance. We recommend that you purchase grass with a natural look, even if it means spending a little bit more. In the long run, that will always be a better investment than settling for poor-quality artificial turf.

3. Artificial grass is too difficult to maintain

While it’s a misconception that artificial turf requires no maintenance, it’s also equally untrue that it’s too much work. Maintaining artificial turf and grass requires routine checks, cleaning, and some watering to keep it looking fresh and realistic. A simple cleaning and maintenance routine such as keeping litter and garbage in check, picking up leaves, watering to rinse off dust and dirt, and using weed killer from time to time to prevent unwanted growths is a simple enough way to keep your grass looking good.

With proper care and maintenance, your artificial grass will continue to look fresh and brand new for longer, giving you a hassle-free patch of greenery wherever you install it. It’s also way easier to have grass in places where it’s impossible to set up a garden or yard space, such as a balcony, a porch, or indoor areas.

A small puppy plays on artificial turf grass.

4. Pets, especially dogs, are unsafe around it

This is one of the most harmful myths that deter many dedicated pet owners and dog owners from making a decision that will save their time and effort in their overall lives and routines. Contrary to popular belief,  artificial grass doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in it, nor is it made of any dangerous materials that will endanger your life or hurt your pets.

Instead, it’s quite safe and easy to have artificial grass around pets, including dogs, given that there’s no threat of them eating dirt or bugs, and neither will they ingest harmful pesticides and fertilizers. It’s easy to clean and wash up after accidents; all it takes is a little detergent and water to get the job done.

Plus, your pets get a great playing area that resembles and mimics a park without the hassle of going to one or buying a home with a large yard specifically for them.

5. Artificial grass doesn’t work in the heat

Many people believe that artificial grass doesn’t work for hot weather like Arizona’s because it heats up too much. While there is some truth to this, since artificial grass doesn’t have ventilation or water flow to regulate its temperature, it’s also true that there are ways to cope with that.

You can install artificial grass in shaded areas to prevent direct heat and sunlight from getting to it, and you can also use it in areas that are indoors for an added touch of greenery. Lighter colors also retain and hold on to less heat, which is important for temperature regulation and avoiding overheating.

Additionally, you can use a lighter-colored infill alongside this to keep it from absorbing too much heat and ensuring that your grass is well-maintained in the summer months. Failing to do so will inevitably cause the grass to heat up and become slightly uncomfortable, but a little prevention goes a long way.

An open field with artificial grass kept at a certain length.

6. Moisture gets trapped in artificial grass

Claiming that moisture gets trapped in artificial grass is not entirely true. Yes, poor-quality synthetic grass will hold on to moisture rather than absorb and drain it, giving you smelly, sticky, and damp grass with an increased risk of mold buildup and formation. However, good-quality grass will always have drainage holes that allow the water to seep through and keep it from stagnating. This makes it far easier to wash and maintain your grass in the long-run while also regulating how hot it gets in the summer.

Artificial grass is an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking for a convenient solution to their landscaping problems and want something that is budget-friendly, long-lasting, and looks great.

We offer artificial turf installation in Phoenix, Queen City, Glendale, and surrounding cities. We have a range of services, including reliable putting green installation in these areas, helping clients transform their homes with a cost-effective option for the richest looking landscapes. Reach out to us today to know more.

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