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A window with a small ledge and brickwork wall.

8 Signs Your Buckeye Home Needs A Masonry Repair Expert This Summer

Many homeowners underestimate the need for routine maintenance and upkeep for their brickwork walls and columns, neglecting signs of damage and disrepair till something major happens.

It’s important to keep an eye out on signs and indicators of these issues and ensure that your home is in good shape or whether you should get in touch with an expert masonry block wall contractor in Buckeye. Here are some of the most common signs that your home is in need of some serious repairs:

1. Your doors and windows are crooked or lopsided

If you’ve been noticing that your windows look more crooked or the glass is beginning to crack, or your doors seem to be leaning oddly, it could be due to issues with your masonry foundation. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the issue and the reason why this is happening, but it’s safe to assume that it shouldn’t be this way. A professional masonry contractor in Buckeye, such as CF Vice Construction, can help you with your issue.

2. Excessive settling and sloped floors, and cracking walls

Sloping floors and cracking walls are a sign of settling, and while settling is normal for masonry and brickwork, excessive settling is incredibly dangerous. It’s excessive settling that puts your whole home at risk because there are issues with the masonry foundation. It’s necessary to keep an eye out for cracks, warps, and shifts that can appear as sloping floors and cracking upper walls.

 Modern brickwork on the top corner of a building.

3. Odd bulges and bumps in the walls or the formation of cracks

Another common indicator of damage is the appearance of strange bulges and bumps in your walls, as well as the formation of cracks. Bulges could be the result of trapped moisture or air or warping in the concrete, and over time as the bulge grows, you’ll begging to notice the foundation cracking and breaking. Don’t ignore the cracks and bumps that already exist since they could be indicators of progressing damage and may already be far ahead since they’re linked to a sinking foundation.

4. The brickwork is separating from the home’s structure

It’s a major issue when you find your brickwork separating from your home’s walls and structure, but it’s not uncommon in a place as dry as Buckeye, AZ. The hot, dry weather leads to soil shrinkage and recession, which, in turn, is responsible for the brickwork loosening from its place and pulling away from the walls and structure of the house. This may look like bricks falling out of exterior corners or becoming loose in multiple places, causing instability in the wall.

A damaged old brick wall with concrete patches.

5. Moisture getting trapped in your walls, ceilings, and floor

Moisture getting trapped in your walls and ceilings and the floor can be the result of exposure from wear and tear and general damage. Masonry that’s exposed to an external environment can hold on to moisture and dampness and react poorly to the air, making it all the more prone to damage. If you find that your home’s walls, ceilings, and floor are showing wet spots and damage, it’s a sign to contact a reliable contractor that you can consult and hire to examine your masonry foundation. Trapped moisture can also lead to other problems such as a ceiling collapse, water penetration and damage, mold buildup, and more that put your family’s health and safety at risk. Don’t delay having your foundation evaluated professionally!

6. Stains appearing on your home’s exteriors and bricks

Odd colored stains, water stains, and fungus, can all be the result of exposure to elements, age, and water seepage. While stains aren’t necessarily a cause for alarm, it is important to address them, especially if you want to retain your home’s curb appeal and keep it looking well. It’s a necessary step to prevent long-term damage and wear and tear, which is unavoidable no matter what construction materials are used. Regular maintenance and upkeep will help get rid of staining and keep your brickwork looking as good as new even after decades of use.

A home’s interior columns and walls with brickwork.

7. Bond failure that leads to cracks, peeling, and other issues

Bond failure is another common issue that arises with masonry. Despite your best efforts, or high-quality materials and services, even the best brickwork may be affected by adhesion loss. This can cause peeling, flaking top layers, bulging, and hollow patches, which make it a problem for homes that are in use. It’s not only unsightly, but it’s also very dangerous to have loose bricks and bond failure in the structure, which can result in injuries and compromise on the structural integrity.

8. A chimney that starts leaning sideways and getting crooked

Lastly, a chimney that leans sideways and gets crooked is another indicator that something is wrong with your masonry foundation. It’s something that tends to go unnoticed for a while, but having a leaning chimney can show you that your house is having problems with the concrete. An expert will be able to identify and detect any issues with your chimney or brickwork and general and take the necessary measures to correct them.

Don’t ignore issues in your foundation or neglect your home’s brickwork. It’s far more expensive to take care of major repairs and issues.

If you’re looking for a reliable block wall repair expert in Buckeye, AZ, get in touch with us, and we’ll help you with all kinds of masonry repair issues. We’re one of the leading masonry service providers in Phoenix and surrounding areas, providing you with several different options and services for your home. Reach out to us today to know more.

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