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8 Brilliant Ideas For A Mini-Golf Course In Your Gold Canyon Backyard

Do you love playing golf? You’re not alone—at least not here in the US. According to the National Golf Foundation, about 25 million Americans play golf in a given year—that’s around 8 percent of the total US population!

And golf’s rising popularity makes perfect sense too. It’s incredibly fun and a wonderful way to pass the time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. And believe it or not, it also has some amazing benefits for your physical and mental health. For instance:

  • All that walking across the golf course helps you with the daily step goals, so you’re getting plenty of exercise;
  • Also, if you’re playing golf outdoors, you get to spend plenty of time soaking up sunlight and vitamin D;
  • It’s a great way to socialize or spend quality time with your friends;
  • Playing golf can help lower anxiety and depression;
  • Golf is one of the best ways to challenge yourself;
  • The pressure and the occasional frustration can help you build character and patience;
  • It can be a fun activity for kids, therefore a great way to spend quality time with family;
  • It’s immensely relaxing!

Given your love for golf, and its brilliant benefits for your health and wellness, it doesn’t make sense to play golf only once in a blue moon with business associates, does it? We suggest bringing a golf course to your backyard to enjoy golf whenever and however you want!

Here are some cool and helpful ideas you can use to design a mini-golf course in the backyard.

1. Start With A Budget And Map It All Out

So, when it comes to building a golf course on your property, you can go all out with your design, material, and exciting add-ons—but that’s not always the best idea. With so many options and possibilities, it’s best to start with a set budget. This will help you make smart choices without breaking the bank.

Also, start mapping out the golf course on paper while you’re in the planning phase. This will help you fit everything you want within the space you have. Putting your ideas on paper would also help streamline the whole design process for you. Decide how many holes you want and where. This will, of course, largely depend on the square feet available in your backyard.   

2. Come Up With A Thrilling Theme

A mini-golf course with several features

To design a killer miniature golf course, you must create a great theme. It’s what’ll add depth to the activity and make it more challenging. This is especially worth considering if you’re planning to use the golf course as a space for socializing.

A fun and interactive theme will help start conversations and make the game more interesting for everyone, including yourself.

3. Choose Artificial Turf Instead Of Natural Grass

A person playing golf on artificial turf

While having real grass for your mini-golf course is common, it may not be the best idea for everyone. For starters, you need to see how well the grass grows in your backyard. For grass to grow well, there must be plenty of sunlight, fresh air, a water source, and a drainage system. Plus, you have to spend significant time maintaining the space.

This is why artificial turf is almost always a better option. It’s easier to maintain and is pretty hassle-free once installed. Also, it looks great, and it’s easier to incorporate it into some more complex golf courses.

4. Add A Mini Bar Nearby

What’s a day of golf without drinking some cold, light beer?

If you’re going to invest in a mini-golf course, it only makes sense to invest in a mini-bar too. All you need is a slightly raised platform with block walls, some shelves, a mini-fridge, some bar stools, lots of liquor, and other necessary bar-related goodies.

It’s going to be the perfect addition to your backyard!

5. Make Sure There’s A Shaded Seating Area

Of course, all participants aren’t usually on the golf course at the same time, and it’s lovely to have spectators who can cheer for you, so make sure there’s a shaded seating area near the golf course.

You can combine the seating area with the mini bar or have it in a separate corner. Just ensure there are plenty of comfortable seats and the floor has pavers instead of the grass.

6. Be Creative With Pavers

Speaking of pavers, you can be so creative with these on a golf course. The pavers can help you create and separate different obstacles on the course, and they can also connect different parts of the mini-golf course to the bar or other spots in your backyard.

It’s pretty much the best way to make your golf course stand out!

7. Choose Add-Ons To Vamp The Course

A child standing near a hole on a golf course

If you’re though with all the essentials and still have some amount leftover in your budget, use it for quirky golf add-ons and accessories. This is a great way to personalize your golf course and make it a space where you can let your creativity run wild. Here are some add-ons worth considering:

  • Some high-powered LED lights/flood lights for night golf
  • Some croquet wickets to make the game more challenging
  • Garden gnomes and flamingoes just for the fun
  • A cool water feature would be great too
  • Some sand traps
  • Dips, hills, and holes

8. Make Sure The Space Is Private And Peaceful

Lastly, to truly enjoy your miniature golf course, you need to ensure that it’s super private and peaceful. And the only way to do this is to increase the height of your backyard walls.

In fact, this is something you should start with, and we can help you with it too. As some of the best block fence contractors in Gold Canyon, we can help with cinder block fence installations that’ll make your backyard private.

Once that’s done, we can also help you with putting green installations and anything else the mini-golf course needs!

Get in touch with us to discuss this further and learn more about our services.

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