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A wall with stone cladding.

8 Advantages of Stone Cladding

Stone, being one of the primal building resources, has always been able to invite nothing but modernity to any building and infuse a space with character and a unique rustic appeal. In the Roman Empire, having stone embellished walls depicted your status as a member of the high social class, and several of their behemoth buildings where stately functions took place were built with stone veneer.

Stone cladding also became a popular trend during the Renaissance and the Baroque period, when it was used to build sumptuous church interiors and their facades.

Stone is one of the most reliable and the oldest building materials in the world, and esteemed modernist architects like Antoni Gaudí and Mies van der Rohe chose it to carve out its natural beauty and dynamism.

So, if you’re considering embellishing your walls with stone veneer and ready to reach out to a construction services provider in Phoenix, here are some benefits of using stone cladding in your home.

They Can Weatherproof Your Home

Stone isn’t just a beautiful material used by architects of the masters of Rationalism but is also unalterable over time and protects a building against the weather. Several types of natural stone used by modern architects are resistant to mold and mildew.

A house’s walls often require an external waterproof coating, but with stone veneer exteriors, your walls will become sturdier and resistant to adverse weather conditions.

A high-quality stone veneer consists of silicate and calcium and protects one’s home from rain or windstorms.

Make sure to consult with a construction technician or masonry specialist to find out about the different stone options available in the market since some stones, like basalt, are also absorbent and can easily promote moss growth.

Stone Cladding Significantly Impacts Property Value

A house façade made with stone

One of the best things about this resistant and polymorphic material is that it can significantly boost your home resale value. Stone-clad walls, either in your interior living spaces or the exterior of your home, have a high impact on prospective homebuyers.

Several realtors suggest that stone veneer embellishments provide the highest rates of return for any home remodeling project and can dramatically affect your curb appeal.

One of the first things prospective homebuyers see when parking in your driveway is your home’s exterior. Visually dynamic stone cladding on your walls will truly broadcast chic and elegance and give your home a polished upgrade. This will enable you to fetch a much higher price when you’re putting your property up for sale.

Undeniable Versatility

You have endless options of textures, shapes, and sizes to opt from when it comes to stone cladding. Every home interior and exterior connoisseur loves the idea of having endless possibilities to toy with when embellishing a home with stone.

Stone can be used in its raw and natural form or a polished form with a sleek effect. They come in all textures, shapes, forms, and colors, capable of satiating all tastes and styles.

If you’re looking to give your home a more classic and rustic look, you can choose quarry porfido, São Tomé quartzite, or limestone. For a sophisticated approach, we recommend getting porcelain stoneware or the resistant porphyry from Trentino Alto Adige, which has become an emblem of Italian urban décor. Natural stone is a protagonist in all colorful and eclectic spaces and can transform any place it is installed in.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

A hand in yellow rubber gloves cleaning a tile.

Since stone is naturally resistant to dust and mold, you will never have to worry about doing strenuous work to clean and maintain your walls. Compared to other wall coatings, stone cladding is much more practical and simple when it comes to maintenance.

When installing stone cladding in your home, ensure that the masonry service providers use the proper protocol and apply a high-quality sealer treatment. This will ensure that your stone walls remain durable and are much easier to clean.

When cleaning, wipe your stone tiles with a pH-balanced cleaner or a soap-less detergent. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the tile, get in any crevices with a washcloth, and clean out any grout. Grab a soft-bristled brush and agitate the grout joints to loosen any debris if you feel like it’s a day for deep-cleaning your walls.

Avoid using acid-based cleaners because they will erode the grout and leave etches and marks on alkaline stones (marble, sandstone, or travertine). Acid-based cleaners can permanently damage the grout pigment on your stone tiles and leave large strain-attracting aggregates on the surface.

Most stones only require a good scrubbing to remove any build-up of grime or dirt, and you can try using a neutral cleaner with a mop or a scrub. For textured surfaces, use a high-quality penetrating sealer.

Quick and Easy Installation

Natural stone or stone veneer is super easy to install, and any ordinary building can be immediately transformed into an admirable building with an elegant stone.

Stone cladding is typically installed on concrete block walls. This way, they have a solid concrete foundation. Uneven walls can make this installation difficult, and it should always be done on even surfaces.

Natural stone is first cut into slabs, a rapid adhesive is applied to the walls, each stone tile is firmly pressed into the wall, and the excessive adhesive is wiped off.

Artificial stone veneer is less heavy, less costly than natural stone, and even easier to install.

Stone is Sustainable

A stone building with a blue door.

Since stone is a natural and abundant material that does not require any other resources during installation, it is one of the most sustainable construction materials to use. This versatile and resistant material has a varying appearance since it has been undergoing so much geological change and mineral composition for millions of years. Natural stone contains no toxic or harmful chemicals, making it eco-friendly and highly sustainable.

On the other hand, stone veneer also performs extremely well in several sustainable architectural designs. Stone veneer is created with a concrete base sourced from recyclable materials. With a stone veneer building, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint since it is a very low-emitting material and can help you conserve energy in your home.

In today’s climate change crisis, utilizing sustainable building materials is the top choice for all architects and designers worldwide, which is why stone veneer is a perfect choice. Not only does stone cladding have the ability to make any building look refined and chic, but it creates a welcoming atmosphere that is environmentally friendly at the same time.

Stone Cladding Exudes Class and Sophistication

Stone, of any kind, can invite a lot of beauty and class to any internal or external home remodeling project. Throughout history, stone has always had the ability to manifest its character and rustic ethos through its link with the local culture. Because of its prominent role in architecture in every empire and era, stone has developed a character that showcases its distant past and its relation to the present time.

From the Casa Milà to the Church of San Giovanni, every structure embellished in stone makes it distinctive and recognizable.

Installing stone cladding in your home will allow you to create a refreshing and natural ambiance. You can embellish your exterior walls with stone, build a travertine kitchen island, have stone cladding on your bathroom walls, or install floor-to-ceiling marble.

Stone is a cornerstone of luxury and can elevate your living experience.

Stone is One of the Strongest Materials

Stone has been utilized as a building material for centuries and has always been proven to be nature’s strongest and the most dependable construction material. This material is ideal for covering any walls, building facades, or strengthening a house. Stone can maintain the structural integrity of any house for hundreds of years and can be recycled and reused again and again.

This material will improve your house’s safety and security, making it a safe sanctuary for you and your family.

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At CF VICE Construction, our block wall contractors can help you out with any concrete construction services, build impeccable stucco walls, repair any block walls, and install cinder blocks. They will ensure your house is built and repaired with a stable and safe construction.

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We can also provide mailbox, artificial turf, gate installation, and commercial painting services in Phoenix at competitive rates. Our masonry services, block fences, stone veneer, and concrete construction is one of a kind and will help to maintain the integrity of your building.

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