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5 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy

A blooming garden can add to the curb appeal of your property. While a healthy, thriving garden indicates that the homeowner makes every effort to keep their home in excellent condition, an unkempt garden with overgrown grass, wilting plants, and soil that requires weeding tells people that the owner of the property has little interest in looking after their investment.

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Proper garden care doesn’t just improve the appearance of your garden but also adds to the longevity and quality of the fruits, vegetables, and other plants you grow. Here are the best ways to keep your garden healthy all year round.

Planting Saplings In Soil

1. Inspect your plants regularly

Check the health of your plants by inspecting them regularly. Are they growing well? Are they being watered properly? There is also such a thing as over-watering. Are they in the right spot to be getting enough sunlight, or do you need to move them to a more suitable place that gets more sun?

You should also take measures to eliminate pests, if necessary, and turn the soil over as often as needed. Read up all you can about gardening and talk to a gardener for sound advice on how best to look after your plants.

2. Treat your soil

The quality of soil degrades over time, so you need to replace it with new soil from time to time. You can purchase fresh soil from a gardening center to replace the old soil. Replacing your soil when needed will provide the optimal environment for your plants to grow.

Soil needs organic matter to provide the right environment for plants to grow. Add mulch to the soil to enhance its moisture content and improve the fertility and health of the soil.

Along with mulch, your soil should be fertilized as often as needed. Fertilizer supplies important nutrients to plants and improves the quality of the fruit and produce from the harvest. Discuss fertilizer with a gardening expert before buying any for your plants.

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3. Get your garden landscaped by a professional

Crowded flowerbeds and a cramped garden aren’t doing your plants any favors. Keep your garden neat, tidy, and organized with professional landscaping services. An organized garden is much easier to tend to and, therefore, better for the health of your plants in the long run.

Most plants need to be planted at a certain distance from one another to allow the roots to spread under the surface of the earth without competing with other plants for water, space, and nutrients. Professional landscaping services in Phoenix can help you plan your garden to improve the health of your plants.

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4. Grow seasonal fruits and vegetables

Growing exotic plants in your garden is a recipe for heartbreak and disaster because plants can die off quickly when they’re planted in the wrong climate. Instead, if you want a beautiful garden, choose plant varieties that are endemic to your region and thrive in your climate. Grow plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables; this way, you’ll also have lots of fresh fruit and produce when the time to harvest comes around.

Growing your own vegetable patch in your garden can bring you closer to nature and encourage you to adopt more sustainable practices. You can even encourage sustainability and subsistence methods of farming for your kids.

If you need to design a space for a fruit and vegetable patch in your garden, reach out to our masonry service providers in Phoenix.

5. Get rid of infected and decaying plants

Many plant diseases are highly contagious, which means they can spread from an unhealthy and diseased plant to the rest of the plants in your garden. Inspect regularly for pests and signs of disease, and remove any diseased plants before the entire garden patch is ruined.

Improving airflow around your plants is an effective way of preventing mildew from damaging them. You should also avoid planting your saplings too close together. Planting saplings too close together (i.e., crowding) is bad for plant health as roots compete under the soil for water and nutrients. Instead, space out your plants so that each plant has plenty of room to grow.

Deadheading and culling your plants also encourages better growth. Deadheading involves removing old blooms so that new ones can grow. Culling your plants will help get rid of the decaying bits to keep your garden looking its best. You should also prune your plants by snipping back overgrown branches.

Weeds are parasites that take up nutrients and water meant for your plants. Inspect your garden for weeds regularly and destroy the weeds to keep your plants in great condition.

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