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5 Tips To Remember When Painting Your Home’s Exterior In Gold Canyon

Is your home’s exterior ready for a fresh coat of paint? It’s part of your home’s first line of defense against the snow, rain, and wind. Cracked, peeling, or chipped paint can look extremely unappealing and ruin your home’s curb appeal and value. You’re likely to spot and fix a lot of damage along the way as well!

Treat each side of the house like a separate project—breaking your goal down into smaller steps makes it much easier to accomplish.

Here’s all you need to know before painting your home’s block walls in Gold Canyon:

Get done with the boring parts first

Tackle the boring and hard parts, such as the area under the eaves first, so you are more motivated to complete the rest of the project within your time limit. If you paint all the fun, visible areas first, you’re going to run into some psychological trouble. Your mind will trick you into believing that the work is technically finished, and it’ll feel doubly difficult to paint the boring areas.

Flat finishes are easier

It’s difficult to decide between choosing a satin finish or flat paint—both have their fair share of advantages. Satin finish paint is rather easy to clean because of its gentle sheen but painting with flat paint is easier since you can take a break and continue at any time without having any visible seams.

Paint everything within reach

Once you get onto an extension ladder, it can be quite the hassle to constantly go up and down. It’s much easier to paint as much as you can while standing in one spot at the top instead of following some intricate pattern.

Flat paint makes the process much easier since you can blend the new work in a lot more easily.

Remember that painting isn’t patching/sealing

Make sure your house is prepped for a new coat of paint by sealing and patching it beforehand. While paint can be rather miraculous for drowning tiny holes or filling any hairline fractures, it can’t do the work of a wood filler or caulk. Don’t be afraid of investing some extra time in sanding, filling, and sealing any gaps before painting them over. You’ll get a much cleaner finish!

Pick the right season

Painting your home’s exterior is a tough, time-consuming job. Make sure you choose the right season to start your project, or you’ll have to constantly fight against the elements. A sudden thunderstorm can ruin all your progress and diminish your motivation.

Colorful paintbrushes

Hire experts to paint your exterior walls

Painting your home’s exterior can be tough work. You need the right equipment, high-quality paint, and lots of time. Why not get experienced professionals to get the job done faster? CF VICE Construction  provides top-notch painting services in Gold Canyon at affordable prices.

Our services include concrete construction, mailbox installation,cinder block installation,gate installation, block wall repair, and much more!

Reach out to us today for our expert services.

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