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3 Tips To Create An Environmentally Friendly Landscape

With global warming threatening the stability of our ecosystem, it’s important to adopt sustainable and eco-friendly practices to reduce your carbon footprint. That’s why homeowners have become more conscious about using sustainable practices for designing and maintaining their landscapes. If you’re looking to create an environmentally-friendly landscape for your home, we’ve put together some ideas and tips just for you.

Landscaping is an art that uses both science and pleasing aesthetics to help transform your property. It can get a little technical when you’re making an environmentally-friendly garden or just creating a more sustainable framework.

However, here are some easy-to-implement tips and ideas you can follow to create your eco-friendly garden:

Water-Usage Guidelines For Your Garden

One of the most important factors for maintaining a green garden is ensuring that a correct amount goes to the roots of the plants at the right time for healthy growth.

You’ll need to pay attention to the usage of water in the coolers and during rainy seasons. So, water your plants less in the cool season due to lower temperature and humidity. And in the rainy season, let the environment do the job for you. That’s why you must protect smaller plants from being waterlogged and don’t overwater the plants that are affected by the rain.

In the warmer months, you’ll need to water more frequently because of the heat. So keep an eye on your prized plants and protect them from stressing out due to water, light, and nutrient issues.

However, if you’re living in an environment prone to drought and heatwaves, consider watering only the trees and shrubs that are vital to your ecosystem and require more water, like a vegetable patch or perennials.

Getting An Artificial Turf For Aesthetics

From reduced water usage to easy maintenance, an artificial turf installation is a great option for environmentally-friendly landscaping. These are also great for reducing the carbon footprint trend in your neighborhood. If you live in a city that sees a lot of hot weather, and sometimes drought-like conditions having a garden-bed of grass in both your front and backyard can be a challenge and incredibly costly to maintain. That’s why artificial turf is a great alternative.

In addition to reduced water usage, you won’t have to spray toxic pesticides and insecticides on your grass to kill pests and insects. However, you’ll have to install a weed barrier before you opt for artificial green installation for your front lawns and back yard.

Furthermore, yard trimmings and plastic bags often go to landfills as they can’t be recycled. However, installing an artificial turf that’s built to last decades can help you avoid this issue. And if you’ve somehow inherited an artificial green with a house, connect with an artificial turf installation company. They might find a way to recycle the artificial turf and prevent all of it from ending up in landfills.

Moreover, you won’t need to use lawnmowers and other maintenance equipment as much as with artificial turf. These trimmers are known to pollute the air with their carbon emissions. The bigger your lawn and backyard, the longer the hedge and grass trimmer will have to run to maintain your garden. So installing artificial greens will reduce your pollutant production and keep your grass green and the same length throughout its life.

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Consider An Aquaponics Garden For A Sustainable Ecosystem

Before we dive into how aquaponics garden offers a better eco-friendly landscaping option for you, you must understand aquaponics first. This method uses growing plants while using fish to mimic the natural ecosystem. This is very similar to hydroponic, which uses only water to grow plants without the use of soil.

So, it works by using a fish tank to transport water to the garden bed where plants are growing; these can be vegetable patches or your normal perennial growth. The soil takes the nutrients from the water that contains fish food and feces. Then excess water passes through the soil bed through a filter and falls into the fish tank again as clean water.

Installing this garden outdoors is a challenge. However, the yield and aesthetics are worth it. By installing an aquaponics garden, you’ll be increasing the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere because plants and fish are important for the ecosystem. Also, you’ll save 80 percent of your water usage as the water is recycled between the plants and the fish tank.

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Moreover, you won’t need to use chemical fertilizers for your crops because fish water would have enough nutrients to sustain them. Traditionally, chemical fertilizers contaminate water sources, so you’ll avoid this issue.

So, if you’re considering an outdoor aquaponics system, use a shade for your fish tanks to prevent the water from evaporating and protect the fish from the intense summer heat. The sudden temperature shifts can harm the fish so installing an adequate shade, like a half-covered tank lid with a bigger shade covering the tank space.

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Get Artificial Turf Installation In Gilbert With CF VICE Construction

Synthetic turf is a great alternative to natural grass, using lesser natural resources and requiring little to no upkeep in a year. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and create an environmentally-friendly landscape for your gardens and backyards, check out our artificial turf installation services at CF VICE Construction.

We’ve got experienced contractors and masons on board who can help with putting green installation but also refining your backyards and front lawns. We also offer masonry repair services, paver installation services, mailbox installation services, etc., in Gilbert, Tempe, and Pheonix.

You can also get in touch with us for expert construction services for your home. Call us now to get a quote on your artificial turf installation for a pleasing aesthetic in your yard.



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