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21 Dos And Don’ts To Keep In Mind When Remodeling Your Home In Queen Creek

So, you’re ready for summer remodeling. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? A brand new look for your home that suits your needs and wants.

However, it’s better not to underestimate how daunting a task remodeling is. Sure, the end will be worth it (so much!) but to get there, you’d have to commit to a big change.

Whether you’re simply upgrading your space or entirely changing its look, there are many things to keep in mind. Your main areas for focus should be the kitchen, lounge, livingroom, bedrooms, bathrooms, and the home’s entrance.

All of this must be done while remaining within budget. Renovations can get very pricey (more than you initially think) but splurging will just break your bank.

If you’re ready for the big task, here’s everything you need to consider:

Do Anticipate Remodeling to Take Longer Than You Planned

If you’re thinking you’ll be done with renovations within your expected time frame, you couldn’t be more wrong. We tend to underestimate the amount of time it takes to remodel a home. Once you start, it usually goes on and on. So, only take this project on if you have the time to spare and a flexible timeline. There will be days you’ll be frustrated, and there will be days you’ll surge with joy. It’s a commitment, don’t forget that!

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Do Your Research Properly

If you’re opting for extensive remodeling, you’ll very likely need good masonry service providers, especially if you want to fix your outdoor space. Look into CF Vice Construction‘ services for quality masonry if you need to repair your home’s block walls, install pavements or a new mailbox that refines your home’s look, an artificial turf that looks super natural, or gate installation or repair.

Choosing the right contractor matters because your home is a valuable possession of yours.

Here are a few things you should consider when deciding on a contractor:

  • They must perform quality work within the time limit
  • They should take the time to understand what you want and incorporate it
  • They should possess integrity and be completely upfront about the project and the financial commitment.

Do Consider Your Home’s Resale Value

Yes, you may not consider selling your home off but there’s no certainty in life. Life can happen. And for that, you need to be prepared beforehand. This may not feel relevant to you at the moment, but if you’re going with a remodel, keep in mind that design choices that are very unique may be difficult to sell off later.

So, when you’re making changes, consider if another homeowner would like them. A little forethought will go a long way.

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Do Be Ready to Live in Utter Chaos for a While

Remodeling isn’t neat and clean. It’s SUPER messy. It’s better to prepare yourself for the chaos you’ll be living in for a while, especially if you’re remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms. For the kitchen, it’ll be a wiser choice to create a makeshift kitchen for the time being where you can make coffee, and use the microwave.

Do Think About Your Family’s Lifestyle

Home is a shared space. So, before you remodel, do consider the people in your home and how you’d want each space to function. This will help increase your home’s functionality and then aesthetics can fall into place.

Do Work With Existing Things

You don’t have to uproot your home completely. Work with what you’ve got. Ceilings are too low for hanging lights? Just think of another creative way to add the lights you like. Trying to change the ceiling’s height will just put an unnecessary workload on you and exceed your budget.

a modern living room with navy blue sofa and a flat screen TV

Do Prioritize

Focus on the important upgrades first. This isn’t a race. Start with safety, security, functionality and efficiency and then go on to aesthetic upgrades.

Do Expect Budget Changes

No matter how much your budget is, there will always be unforeseen circumstances that arise during the project. This will lead to higher costs. Often, opening up walls or making huge changes can result in structural, electrical, and plumbing surprises. Keep this into account when creating a budget.

Don’t Enlist Your Friends and Family Unless They’re Experienced

One common mistake homeowners make when renovating is asking their friends and family to help them. Though this option is free or cheap, it can lead to massive mistakes with great overhead costs. Unless they’re experienced in remodeling, let them be. You can take their help for moving furniture, cleaning and other minor chores, but leave the bigger parts out.

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Don’t Assume Your Weekend Project will Take a Weekend

Just like the budget, the timeline for remodeling projects can vary. Unexpected delays happen and your 3-4 days project will often end up taking a little longer. Take this into consideration when you’re planning a timeline.

Don’t Risk Your Safety

Accidents happen but you can prevent them. When you’re working in high areas, make sure you use the right equipment and wear fall-protection clothes so you can do your job safely. If you’ve never worked around technical portions in your home, or adjusted wirings, it’s better to look to professionals or someone who has the experience.

Don’t Start the Project till You Have Everything

Before you start with the remodeling, ensure you have all the appliances, materials, and other items. If you start while still waiting on your tools’ delivery, you may end up waiting a while with a home that’s full-on chaotic. So, wait till you have all the renovating tools and components, and then start.

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Don’t Ignore Your Home’s Style

Your home’s architecture is its skeleton. You can breathe some freshness in your home but you will need to strike the right balance when incorporating new elements. Make additions that complement your home’s structure and do not appear odd.

Don’t Choose Furniture Until the Project is Complete

Hold your horses when it comes to furniture shopping. You can’t know which furniture will work with your home’s design until the new space is completed. You can keep the styles in your mind but let the shopping be until the main layout is done.

a brick room

Don’t Get Less Flooring

Less is not efficient when it comes to home elements. You don’t want to run out of flooring only to find they’re out of stock. Always order 20 percent extra for any damaged or defective pieces you’ll most likely find.

Don’t Measure Incorrectly

A super common mistake! Homeowners often measure incorrectly. Even an inch off can alter your plans significantly. So, bring someone great at measurements in and let them handle this task for you.

Don’t Forget to Do Prep Work

Don’t dive straight into the project. Prep work is long and can take days. You want to avoid rushed work because it’ll ruin your final product, so take prep work into account.

a paint roller

Don’t Forget the Design Plan

Design plans are important. Period. If you don’t approach renovations as one piece, you’ll end up with a home that feels disjointed and out of balance. So, don’t just focus on particular rooms, have a clear idea of what you want.

Don’t Blindly Follow Instagram and Pinterest

There’s so much inspiration out there that can sway our design decisions. As great as that is, you have to take a step back from these sources and find out what you want. Your home needs to feel special to you, so consider your wants and work on them.

Don’t Forget Permits

Don’t overlook your city’s or district’s rules. Depending on where you live, you may need to get a permit for any fancy remodels like installing a fountain or a swimming pool. So, prevent any future trouble by researching and pulling all the necessary permits you might need for your project to go on without trouble.

Don’t Be Impatient

And, lastly, don’t be impatient. Projects can take longer and unexpected issues can arise. Be patient and know that the wait will certainly be worth it.

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