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20 Home Upgrades To Invest In For Your Apache Junction Home

There’s nothing like the fresh feel of a newly upgraded home. Same old walls, tiles, stairs, furniture, artwork, décor, kitchen, and rooms can get boring to look at after a while. It’s not a very logical choice to shift homes when this happens though, is it? That’s why you can always start with slight upgrades that’ll transform the look of your home and give it a new look.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be turning your current home upside down trying to create a brand new look. All you need is a fresh perspective and a few minor and major upgrades here and there.

Keep reading to find out how you can do this!

Nothing a Fresh Coat of Paint Can’t Fix

We’re joking. Of course, there are plenty of things a fresh coat of paint can’t fix.However, it is the first step and the easiest way to breathe life into your dull, worn-out walls.

Look around. Are your walls screaming for a makeover? Are you sick of seeing the same color around you every day? Do you want an instant change?

One solution: a fresh coat of paint.

It’ll give your walls a burst of depth, a pop of color, and a newfound perspective.

But do pay attention to the colors you opt for. Colors impact mood and productivity, so choose a palette based on the room and theme of your home.

Light colors make your space look more roomy and spacious. Beiges, off-whites, creams, light grays, sky blues, and pastels are great for modern homes. However, you can also experiment with darker shades by painting one wall a bright/dark color and letting others be of softer, lighter shades.

Give Your Stairs a Makeover

Not only do stair runners look great, but they also have a functional value. They help you get a good grip on slippery stairs. Why put on an expensive carpet on your stairs when you can have the same benefit with a more aesthetic alternative?

You can also add colored accent to the exposed wood on your staircase. Tile-like patterns or textures give immense character to your stairs.

Text Box: Image Title: living-room-sofas-table
Image-Alt: a living room with sofas and tables
Staircases are often overlooked, but you can change them by transforming them to express your style.

a living room with sofas and tables

Have Accent Walls

Accent walls are a budget-friendly way to spruce up your home. You can go all white or cream but having an accent wall will give your space a fresh pop of color. Don’t want that? You can always rely on wallpapers that come in a myriad of colors, patterns, and textures.

Go With a New Backsplash

There’s no need to overspend on getting new appliances and getting the expensive renovation done. Just the act of refreshing or installing a kitchen backsplash that works well with your theme will do wonders.

Upgrade Kitchen Lighting

Kitchens are more than just spaces where food is cooked. There are like second living rooms in our home. They act as a workstation for kids and adults in your home and a gathering space where meals are prepared and eaten.

That’s why it’s so important to focus on the kitchen lighting. You don’t need to mess with wiring either, just get more floor lamps or replace the older lights with something warmer, and brighter.

Install New Cabinet Hardware

Cabinets are one of the most important elements in a kitchen. Don’t overlook them when you’re upgrading your home. You can spruce up your kitchen by installing new knobs, changing cabinet doors, and opting for fancy colors and textures.

an outdoor table and chair and a hanging plant

Light it Up

Don’t just focus on your kitchen’s lighting. Your home needs an abundance of light as well. Lighting has an impact on our mood and can dramatically lift your space. Make your home more relaxing and cozier by installing ambient lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, and floor lamps.

Home Décor Upgrades

Upgrading your home and not thinking about décor? That can’t happen! You need to focus on your home’s décor as well. Replace the old art pieces and décor elements with newer ones or simply change their places. Replace your old rugs, go for premium carpeting solutions, hang stylish curtains, reupholster your furniture, and see how it transforms your home.

a brown sofa and a vase with wheat

Add Storage Space

You should also think about adding additional storage space to your home. It always helps. Whether it’s a pantry, a beautifully designed walk-in closet, or just a space to put your shoes in, it’s a feature that’ll help you put away extra stuff that could otherwise clutter your space.

A Wellness Space

Whether it’s an entire room or just a corner, set up a space where you can unwind and relax. You can do yoga here, put on gym equipment, meditate, or have an at-home spa experience.

Update Your Living Room

Living rooms are the most occupied spaces in any home and need careful consideration. Since you’re updating your home, you should pay extra attention to this family room. Invest in better lighting, new switches, floor registers, better sofas and chairs, new drapes, crown molding, fresh flowers and décor.

You can give your home a crisp look by shifting the living room furniture away from the walls and creating a seating area around a focal point. If your coffee table has started to look used and scratched, it’s time to invest in a new one.

Spa-Like Shower Heads

You can make some tweaks to your bathroom as well. Spa-like shower heads require little to no hassle and can be easily installed. To further improve your bathroom, replace old countertops with newer, modern ones, install heated floors, add a fresh coat of paint and wallpaper, and install a resting bench, and a standalone tub for a spa-like feeling.

Choose Energy-Efficient Appliances and Features

It’s time to go green. With energy-efficient upgrades, your utility bill savings increase and you also reduce your carbon footprint. Let go of old appliances that consume too much energy and find energy-efficient alternatives.

 an outdoor home garden


Add Greenery

If your home doesn’t have greenery, you’re missing out. Plants are great mood boosters and also give that pop of color to a space. Have plenty of indoor plants lying around? Let them work their magic on your mood and your home.

Replace Your Doors

Old doors need to go. Install a pair of new front doors and garage doors for a great new look. You don’t have to do it yourself either, you can hire professionals for it. CF Vice Contractors provide an exceptional gate installations service in Apache Junction you can rely on.

Refresh Your Landscape

Give your outdoor landscape a makeover as well. If you dislike the hassle of mowing the lawn and maintaining your garden, you can always for a low-maintenance option like installing artificial turf.

 a wooden fence

Add a Deck

Since you’re already busy upgrading, how about you add a deck to your home? This will give you the perfect opportunity to grill, sunbathe, and entertain people. It’ll be a great way to destress and relax away as well.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen? Why not? You can sit there during summer nights and enjoy a barbecue like never before. No need to rush inside to cook—and, it’ll be a great scenic change from being inside all the time. Food surely tastes better outside, in the fresh air!

a bricked room with gray sofas

Install a Pergola

Pergolas are outdoor structures that come with a roof and support beams. You can add external panels to pergolas to provide shade if you want.

Pergolas look great in gardens and outdoor living areas. You can create a cozy outdoor space using them with a layer of privacy. Add comfy sofas, a table or two, some fairy lights, a throw, a few cushions, and a rug for an ultimate space to chill out during the summer season.

Add Ambient Lighting Outside

Lighting shouldn’t just be the sole focus inside the home. Install ambient lighting outside to give your home a renewed, refreshed, and stylish feel.

a brick wall

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