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14 Ways to Make Your Commercial Spaces in Phoenix Stand Out

Commercial spaces may have faded into the background when the pandemic was in full swing, but now that people are out and about and normalizing to routine life, you’re back in the game.

Having a commercial property isn’t enough to attract customers, and isn’t that the entire focus when you have a business? You want to gain customers and generate sales efficiently; however, it’s not so easy.

Chances are, you have a bunch of competitors around. They will sweep your customers away if you’re not smart and fail to give your audience a reason to choose you repeatedly.

That’s where your commercial space comes in. Your business premise matters. If it’s a dull, boring space where people look around and yawn, you’re going to lose out on your current customers and struggle to make new ones.

People want energy. They want emotion, art, design, and a space that calls to their senses. If your space can’t grab their attention and retain it, they will not come back. Instead, they’ll continue walking past your business without a second glance.

But, you can change this.

All you need are a few strategies to up your game.

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Why Marketing Matters

Let’s not tone down marketing to a cold business strategy that’s used to gain customers.

Instead, let’s see marketing for what it is: a way to build bridges and connections between your customers, your brand, and what you’re offering them.

Humans are naturally wired to connect. When you use marketing to show your customers that you’re there for them and speak their language, they will gravitate toward you.

It will also help your brand when your commercial space can stand out from the rest, especially if your customers can find a place of belonging in your space.

When you’re trying to build your business and want your commercial space to stand out, your marketing strategies will help you immensely.

Importance of Design and Aesthetics

Besides marketing, the aesthetics and interior design of your property matter immensely. A well-designed building will make people stop and appreciate what you have built. It will also lure them into the premises to check out what your business is about.

Focusing on business design and entrance design will set the right tone for your space and catch people’s interest more than an outdated, bland space will. After all, entrances are a key element of every building and should be welcoming and captivating.

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An appealing building will attract more customers, especially if it’s modeled right and has eye-catching signage. According to a survey conducted by FedEx, 76 percent of customers have claimed to enter a new store or building due to their signs.

Don’t just upgrade your exterior, though—research what your customer wants and what will resonate with them. One way of doing that is by sending out a survey and asking them what improvement they’d like you to implement. Another way is checking in on your competitor and noticing what they are doing.

Having a well-maintained commercial space’s aesthetics and design will also show your customer that you care. Having a sloppy appearance like having overgrown landscaping and discolored walls will just point out that you can’t bother. If your business place looks good, it implies that you’ll also take out time to meet the needs of your customers.

How To Make Your Commercial Space Stand Out

So, if you’re ready to make your commercial space stand out, here are a few things you can do:

Make Your Windows a Focal Point

There are many ways to make your space stand out, including using windows to your advantage. You can create and stick posters on them to advertise bits of information like any special deals or events that are running or happening. You can also stick your business logo on your windows to increase brand awareness.

Keeping aesthetics in mind, ensure your windows are always spotless and hang lights or neon signs to attract attention.

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Invest in an Amazing Sign

There’s nothing as captivating as an amazing sign. Make your commercial space stand out by using neon and bright colors that can draw attention to your facility. Since signs are a major player in the exterior of your premises, you need to make sure to have one that people will look at twice when walking past.

Think big. Having a very small sign won’t do, especially because your customers won’t notice it.

That’s not all. You also have to keep your sign in a good working condition. Faded or dirty signs reflect poorly on you.

Designs and Colors Matter

The design and color scheme of your commercial space matter. You can carry out renovations in summer to make your business stand out. Spruce up the exterior and landscape as that’s the first thing everyone notices. Think out of the box and choose colors that make your business stand out from the ones around you.

Don’t start without proper planning, though. Work out what you want, what your budget is, and stuck to it.

Install an Artificial Turf

Having a pop of green outside is a great addition to every space. However, mowing the grass every day is no easy feat. There’s a solution for you: you can install artificial turf on your property and let it do its job. Not only are artificial turfs easy to maintain, but they also look very natural.

Don’t do it yourself; you may mess up the outside landscape completely. CF Vice Construction has a team of artificial turf installers that thoroughly inspect the premises to measure the space. They then ensure there are no weeds or poorly draining soil on the surface before laying down the base and the turf.

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Invest in a Stone or Brick Pavement

Pavements are fancy and add to your property’s curb appeal. If you’re looking for ways to increase your property’s aesthetics, focusing on all the outside elements is a must. Make your commercial space stand out by creating modern and contemporary-styled paver walkways or driveways. Pavements are also low-maintenance and cost-efficient, making them an excellent way of adding character to your space.

People go for DIY options, but this often leads to many novice mistakes where the entire pavement either gets sunk over time or has a hilled appearance. That’s why you should leave the job to masonry service providers in Phoenix like CF Vice Construction.

Get Commercial Painting Services

Washed-out walls kill the look of your space. If you haven’t already thought about it, it’s time you do. Summer is the ideal season to paint, so take advantage of that. Also, steer away from DIY jobs, so you don’t botch it up. Your commercial property isn’t the space to experiment or refine your painting on.

A fresh coat of paint will instantly give your interior a new look. Though, keep color psychology in mind when choosing a color palette. Research shows colors have a certain effect on us and impacts our moods, thoughts, and behavior.

Check out CF Vice Construction for reliable commercial painting services. Their expert commercial painters will rejuvenate your property completely. They perform a thorough exterior and interior job and use the highest quality paints and accessories.

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Add Amenities

You don’t have to turn your property’s exterior into a park but install a bench or a bike rack. This will turn your space into a more inviting area that’s accessible to a larger group of people.

Partner with a Local Artist

There’s nothing like tapping into that feeling of community. If you have an empty brick wall, you can turn that into an art haven by letting local artists paint murals on it. This will add a pop of color to your property and attract people who are walking by or thinking about checking your business.

You can even hire masonry experts who can install a brick wall for you if you’re really up for the idea.

Low-Cost Landscaping

Artificial turfs are great, but there are other landscape improvements that you can invest in. You can install a flower garden, add a fountain if there’s space, or put evergreen trees, bushes, and shrubs for a more natural look that’s refreshing and rejuvenating in an urban environment.

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Make Good Use of Lighting

Just like color, lighting plays a huge role in setting a mood and tone for rooms and other areas. Using light sources smartly and efficiently, you’ll be able to boost your commercial property’s aesthetics. You’ll notice that some areas require more lighting that’s why different types of lights should be used throughout. You can use the lights to highlight certain areas to create a soothing and calming overall ambient mood.

Make it Engaging

Your business’s interior shouldn’t focus solely on you. Keeping your employee’s and consumers’ design tastes will engage them.

The tones and interior of your business will reflect your values; e.g., if you’re a café, bright colors, modern décor, and uplifting music will work wonders. Similarly, if you’re an eco-friendly company, you’ll benefit from charcoals, grays, and greens.

Also, integrate patterns to enhance the look of your interior. Largescale geometric patterns are very in, and they help businesses make long-lasting impressions on everyone.

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Use Smart Technology

Smart technology is all the rage and comes with an added wow factor you can take advantage of. Turn your commercial space into a wow zone by replacing old manual windows with motorized drapes and shades.

Remote controls are just annoying. Add ways for your guests to control AV features by downloading an app on their phones.

Adopting eco-friendly practices and using smart technology will always be a good idea, especially in a business space.

Consider Going Cashless

The pandemic taught us that cash and cards aren’t always a great idea and can be a nuisance. People prefer shopping online and like cashless modes of payment. Previously, cashless stores were looked on skeptically, but now they seem to be becoming quite a trend.

So, be one step ahead of your competition, and if you’re a retail store or a business that requires customers to pay, opt for the cashless way instead. There’s nothing that’ll set you apart better than being onboard with the most recent technology and making active use of it in your business.

Keep Security a Priority

No matter what business you are in, your security systems must be advanced and up-to-date. Using outdated security modes is risky, so make sure you pay extra attention to this aspect.

Go smart. Use smart lighting controls to increase safety in your property’s parking lots, entrances, and other areas. Similarly, smart cameras can provide you with 24/7 monitoring, and smoke detectors can detect dangers and notify the relevant personnel about the specific threat and its exact location.

Making security a priority will make your customers and employees feel safe and looked after, adding to a general sense of safety and well-being.

Marketing your property isn’t the only way to attract potential customers to your commercial space. Focus on the aesthetics and the design of your property by hiring masonry service providers in Phoenix. CF Vice Construction has been in the industry for over a decade and has the knowledge and experience to turn your commercial space into a high-activity area.

They offer various masonry services, including paver installation, artificial turf installation, block wall constructioncommercial painting, gate installation, and more.

Contact them today for additional information.

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