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a backyard garden with trees, flowers and shrubs

14 Tips To Styling Up The Backyard

Image alt-text: a backyard garden with trees, flowers and shrubs

Looking to prepare your backyard space for the fall? No matter how small or big your outdoor space is, it would be awful to waste the space and not create an inviting haven for you and your family. And don’t worry if you’re embarking on a transformation project for your backyard; we’ve got a long list of ideas to keep you occupied for the rest of the remaining summer season.

You can create a stylish and comfortable space in your backyard with unique aesthetics. Here are some creative ideas you can use to revamp the space:

Get Artificial Turf Installation

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, water usage, and maintenance in your backyard, you can install artificial turf for long-lasting aesthetics. Putting a green installation like this in your backyard will help you in the long run if you live in an area where water is scarce. You won’t have to worry about trimming the grass, adding sprinklers, or weeds propping up. Your contractor will make sure to seal the ground below and then install the artificial turf.

Your artificial turf will last around 15-20 years before needing repairs or replacement.

Add A Hot Tub

You can commission a hot tub for your backyard area and frame the area with some quality pavers and mason work. It can create a cute spa-like corner at the back of your home where you and your guests can relax after a long day. It can also be a great activity for double dates and intimate get-togethers with your partner.

Add An In-Ground Heated Pool

If your neighborhood doesn’t have many pools, this could be worth the investment in adding value to your property. In-ground pools are a little costly if you’re going for concrete pools. However, they’re also another alternative for a lower budget, like fiberglass pools. These are quicker to install than concrete pools and can add a fun element to your summer and fall seasons. You can discuss heated pool options with your contractor so you can make the best of the pool parties in the colder seasons.

Create Separate Immersive Spaces

If you’ve got a smaller backyard area, things can feel cramped if you use the same space for everything. You can create separate spaces by rearranging your furniture a bit. For the dining area, you can arrange the seating around the fire pit; for a sunbathing area, you can place your lounge chairs to the side away from the shaded awning. You’ll find that the borders between the areas are small. However, they make the space look more expansive than it is.

a backyard garden with a small patio space and planters

DIY Your Furniture

Do you go to flea markets and garage sales often? Well, you’re in for a treat. You can find a lot of furniture that can be repurposed and refurbished affordably. You can repurpose a wooden coffee table, resurface it, paint it a new color, and place it in your backyard space. You can do this with chairs, cabinets, etc. It’s a cathartic and creative experience that you’ll surely enjoy along the way.

Choose Lighter Furniture

You might be tempted by the ornate furniture for your backyard seating. However, lighter furniture can give you flexibility in moving it around. You can instantly create a new aesthetic by moving around the chairs and settees depending on the people coming into your home. Heavy furniture can be difficult to move around and style by the pool or fire pit seating area.

Can You Hang A Hammock?

We think hammocks are awesome. If you’ve got limited space in your backyard, it can be a challenge to install lounging spaces. This is where hammocks come in handy. It’s a classic addition to any outdoor space that can give a carefree and comfortable vibe to homeowners and visitors alike. It’s also a great way to utilize empty corner spaces and create a perfect relaxing place for you to sunbathe and chill.

Add An Outdoor Umbrella

Do you love spending time in your backyard garden? It can be difficult when you are trying to avoid the UV rays from the sun. Installing a large backyard umbrella will keep you protected and secure in the daylight. You can select whether you want a table-mounted umbrella or an umbrella stand. We recommend the standing option because it’ll allow you to move the umbrella as you want. You can choose to place it near the seating area when you’re having breakfast and then move it to the lounging area while you catch up on a book or much-needed afternoon nap.

Create A Relaxing Seating Corner

If you’ve got some unused corner space and have no idea what to do with it, you can turn it into a seating space. You can create a small relaxation corner with some fairy lights and candle lanterns giving it an intimate vibe near sunset. It’s a perfect cozy environment where you can break open some wine with a cheese board and gossip the night away with your girlfriends.

Create An Outdoor Dining Area

If you don’t like to add some green space to your garden, you can save yourself the hassle and install an outdoor dining area for yourself and your guest. You might need some block wall construction services, paver installation services, and tiling services to get the area ready. This will create a clean and visually pleasing aesthetic. You can also install some perforated pergolas and a wooden dining table, add some planters on the brick wall, hang some fairy lights, etc., to create a warm and welcoming environment.

an outdoor seating space with a pergola and fairy lights

Incorporate Easy Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. You can follow simple designs and create interesting spaces to add your mark to the backyard. Start by creating a boundary space between your grass and other areas. Add some gravel at the border where you’ve got small plants and planters. You can also add light fixtures and fencing to offset the dark wooden tones for the trees and clumped shrubberies. Your backyard is your oyster, and you can create it in any image you like.

Keep The Elevated Walls In Your Patio

If you’ve got some expert brickwork in walls with steep hills, consider installing a retaining wall. It creates an elevated look for your backyard and patio and showcases the incredible plants and vines in your garden.

Create A Garden Theme

If you’re a passionate gardener, you can create a garden-themed backyard. This way, your guests will be able to tell about your passion. Your backyard aesthetic would all be about celebrating your gardening. You can choose to go a controlled nature route or let nature do its work. A wild garden will have no symmetry.

You can plant whichever plant you like and clump the planters all together in areas and leave the middle space empty for some seating. Let your garden and passions for gardening run wild with incredible green aesthetics.

For a more controlled garden, you can cordon off areas with similar plants like flower beds in one area, vegetable patches in one area, and small trees growing in the corner for a more symmetrical aesthetic.

 a backyard garden with natural grass and seating space

Go Big With Pavers!

Paver installation is not something you can plan on a whim. It requires a lot of work, and it’s best to leave it up to the local construction services. They’ll level your space and pack it up with gravel and sand before they start the installation work. You can go for large pavers to simplify the looks and logistics. These look visually inviting, with some pops of grass peeping through between each paver like mortar. It’s a great way to combine nature and masonry elegantly.

an impressive backyard with a pool and tiled patio

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