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a red metal gate with black dots and iron details

14 Different Types of House Gates You Should Get For Your Property

Are you looking to make a great first impression on your guests? If so, don’t neglect your front door!

When you invest a fortune in house upkeep, maintenance, and exterior rejuvenation, you can forget to install a security gate with aesthetic features. This can make all your efforts in vain because it’s the first thing people see and experience when they step onto your property.

Based on the latest trends, we have many elegant options to pick as our entry gates. You can choose from a variety of sliding, rolling, pivot, iron and automatic gates to suit your home design and aesthetic preferences.

Here are some innovative and elegant door designs and styles that’ll help you enhance the aesthetic look of your property and add to the value of your home.

a black metal gate installed under an arched gateway

It’s Going Down! We’re Yelling Timber

You heard it right, ladies and gentlemen; we’re calling timber… timber gates, to be specific. Timber is a very common material that’s used in door construction. It’s lightweight and an affordable option as a swinging gate for the driveway or car park area. With timber gates, you’ll enjoy a termite-proof and moisture-proof finish with minimum maintenance over the years.

It’s a sturdy and aesthetic option for your home if you’re looking for an affordable wooden aesthetic for your property.

wooden slatted gates installed as a single door for the entryway and a double door for the driveway

And I.. Am Iron.. Gates?!

Well wasn’t that scene a tear-jerker? Anyway, we’re here to talk about iron gates. Whether you’re a genius, playboy, millionaire, philanthropist, or just a regular old joe like us, iron gates will add a classic touch to your property. It’s a heavy metal that’ll last for a few decades and add old-world charm to your home.

You can choose from many contemporary designs like single or double swinging gates. You can also choose to have gates with filigree and iron scrollwork. The gates will add a charming and elegant aesthetic that’ll surely impress anyone passing by… or anyone doing a flyby in an iron suit, you never know.  a black metal gate with a flat top installed at the entrance of a building

It’s Aluminum To Me, It’s Aluminum To You

Aluminum doors are a great choice if you’re looking for a shiny and creative option for your property gate. It’s a lightweight material that can be easily molded into creative and modern designs. It’s also strong enough to withstand harsh weather and force.

So, if you’ve got a white building or white exterior, a silver gate with all the latest lock systems and bells and whistles would make for a gorgeous one. So, gorgeous that you won’t let go.a shiny aluminum gate with details

Wooden Gates For Your Home

If you’re looking for a gorgeous door to give your home a classic makeover, wooden gates with shaded panels are a great choice. This design is a nod to the vintage era that can also function as a barricade for your home. You can either go with a sliding or swinging door design that’s more preferred for property gates.

 a simple and rustic swinging wooden gate installed at a muddy pathway

Born With A Heart Of Steel

Steel doors have our hearts. There are so many elegant options in the market that are not only great as interior doors but also exterior doors. If you’re looking for a unified aesthetic for your home, consider getting steel doors for your entire home.

Steel gates can add a mirror-like shine to your home that can make it seem like a shiny homing beacon from afar. So, your home will instantly draw attention to itself. However, that doesn’t mean that your home is vulnerable. Steel is a strong material you can proudly install on the front of your property. Also, most steel gates are stainless steel with a shiny silver color that is often installed as swinging gates on properties.

a steel gate installed at a building’s entrance

Industrial Gates For An Imposing Aesthetic

If you’re someone who lives on a large property and would like a solid, no-nonsense door for your home, industrial gates are for you. Depending on your budget, you can get these gates in almost all kinds of metal materials. They can usually be found in shopping malls, public houses, hospitals, offices, etc. They are installed to reduce any kind of external threats like robbery or forced intrusions.

You can look at different styles like double swinging gates or cantilever-style, which has a door built in the double swinging door. It’ll give your building an imposing and authoritative look.

A Barnyard-Style Gate For Your Patch Of Heaven

If you’re looking to create Home On The Range-inspired aesthetics on your property, these barn gates add a charming aesthetic. These gates are best for side yards that allow open movement. They’re not supposed to be heavy gates. These gates are perfect if you’ve got little puppies, chicks, or chickens as pets in your home, as they’ll help you move them away from the pen or house area into the garden for some recreation and feeding.

You can add some additional support to these lightweight wooden gates with strengthening iron rods that can be soldered to the back. It’ll also prevent it from damaging due to force or pressure if your home pets are a little excited to be let out.

 a man leaning against a barn-style gate

Add A Little Mystery With Side Gates

If you’ve got a side entrance to your home based on a layout, you’ll need an extra gate to cover that entrance. That’s why side gates are so handy at their job. They’re a discrete gate that can add mystery and allure to your property and make your visitors go, “Oh what’s behind that?”

It’s a great way to sneak out of the house if you’re trying to cover your track from your parents or guardians to buy them a present or plan a surprise. And for other times, you can just keep the doors locked to prevent animals and other people from entering your home uninvited.

Also, if you’re hosting a party at your home, you can open these doors to allow access to the house. This will help you control the crowd flow and prevent blockages at entrances.

Get A Classic Driveway Gate

We’ve already gone through some great materials for driveway gates; however, it’s still prudent to mention drive gates as a solid option for gate installation in your home. You can go with wooden gates, iron gates, or steel gates as an affordable and aesthetic option for the outermost gate of your property.

Just ensure that they’re high enough and have heavy metal iron spikes to prevent intruders from climbing over the gates.

a classic metal gate installed in a long driveway

Garden Gates For Leaving A Garden Of Eden

If you’ve created a gorgeous garden with a flower bed, perennials, and colorful plants, you must complete the aesthetics with a nice garden door. Gardens need a beautiful entrance because they’re a special place in the house. They’re a green and calm space that can create an escape for you in the confines of your home.

So, if you’re looking for gate options, you can always go with a picket-fence gate to create a fairy-like entrance to your garden. You can choose to paint it a pure white color to compliment the greenery in your garden. Or go with a bright red color to match the roses.

These doors will help keep the animals out of the garden and protect your shrubs and plants.

a classic black gate installed beside a front garden

Install Entrance Gates For Your Property

If you’re looking to add an air of majesty and elegance to your home, consider installing an ornate and majestic double door gate with ironwork and aluminum-shaded panels to compliment the overall design.

If you’re wondering what type of details you should be looking for, check the finesse of the ironwork and swirling designs, and gold details in the item. The more elaborate the ironwork and delicate gold features, the better the aesthetic for your property.

a wooden gate installed at the entrance of a property

The Heart Wants What It Wants – And It Wants Custom Gates

If you’re unsure about all the options you’ve gone through so far and can’t find a gate that fits your aesthetic preferences and property space, it’s time to go the custom route. Custom-made gates can be contracted for any kind of property, depending upon the company you choose. Some may only make and deliver the door and some may also offer installation. If they don’t offer installation, you can always call your local construction services for gate installation.

The best thing about custom gates is that you can have them made any way you like. You can add elements you prefer, like swirling flower patterns, gold work, glass panels, etc. For custom gates, we’ll recommend steel gates and iron gates for the front of the property as they’re known to provide robust security.

a red gate installed at the end of a long pathway

Open Sesame! At The Click Of A Button

If you’re looking to cut down on the cost of employing people to operate your door, automatic gates are your best option. These gates are often installed with an intercom or camera system that allows you to view the entrance from the inside, either through your phone or monitor. Also, you’ll be able to converse with the person standing at the door.

The system for the intercom is attached to the main power line and the automatic door opening system. Most systems on the market allow two-way communication and door opening. However, in this system, your guest will have to close the door once they enter. You can also look into an automatic door closing mechanism that closes once your guest has safely entered.

a black metal gate installed at a paved entrance

Put Some Spotlight On The Slide

Do your gates all slide like this? Sliding gates may be a cliché; however, they’re so popular right now for both interior and exterior doors. These doors are great if you don’t have much swinging space on the inside or the outside of your property. Instead, these gates will offer you a compact, functional aesthetic with light and elegant designs.

You can also look into automatic sliding gates if you live on a large property. This will save you a trip to the main gate to let your guests on the premises.

Get Quality And Affordable Gate Installation Services In Phoenix With CF VICE Construction

Your home needs to be safe and secured with a strong gate. And hopefully, you’ll be able to pick out a great front gate from the aforementioned options. Just ensure that the door you pick should speak to you and you should like it. This is because the front gate is an investment that’ll set the tone for your property aesthetics. So be careful when you pick one.

Also, if you’re looking for affordable gate installation services for your residential or commercial property, check out our services at CF VICE Construction.

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